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Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon

Religion is often a very touchy subject to handle. It gets even tougher when you try to do a musical about it. The Book of Mormon somehow made a double win though when it managed to satirize and praise religion at the same time. This being Matt Parker and Trey Stone’s first attempt in making a Broadway musical, I must say it is not bad at all.
If you are not a Mormon, not religious, have a sense of humor, and can laugh at crass jokes then this is definitely a must-watch. For someone who barely had an idea what Mormonism and their doctrines and beliefs are all about I was surprised that it was an educational watch for me too minus the boring lecture hours.

Admittedly the ticket was a bit pricey and obtaining them certainly wasn’t an easy task for me to accomplish but it was definitely worth it. The Book of Mormon wasn’t all about just poking fun at religion. It tells the story of two good-hearted but naïve educators who lands in a foreign land with hardly a clue of what the place was all about and how the people behaved. In the course of their adventure they get to learn valuable lessons while imparting knowledge at the same time, find themselves, and strengthen their values. What I liked best about The Book of Mormon was that it was an original play. It wasn’t based on any movie or famous story allowing me to watch the play in suspense because I had no idea how it will end.

For those who might think it is just another one of those South Park episodes and there won’t be anything new about the plot and story line then you might just be surprised at the end when you’d want to cry from laughter and from some heart-wrenching scenes too.

The Book of Mormon is a play that challenges your beliefs, open your eyes to problems being ignored in our parts of the world, while making you laugh at the silly things people do to keep them sane. The song and dance numbers are quite good. The lyrics of some of the songs will definitely be stuck in your head for a few days and do not be surprised if you catch yourself humming a line or tune, “Hasa Diga Eebowai” would be a good example. The Book of Mormon was not only funny and fun to watch but it was smartly written. Wear an adult diaper when you watch it. You might just thank the gods that you did.

By – Julie Metcafe

Book of Mormon will be at the Los Angeles Pantages Theater from Sept 8 – Nov 24th 2012. We have Book of Mormon Tickets for all preformances of the the Musical.