Prince Resurged in 2013 Shows in Los Angeles?

Prince Resurged
Prince Resurged

Fifty-four year old Prince has revolutionized music, rules, politics, copyrighting, and more in the entertainment industry. This strikingly fearless singer, songwriter, musician and actor has a career record that will make you choke. Prince has had thirty-three Grammy nominations alone, winning seven of them. He also has an extensive list of MTV Music Awards. Prince is amongst one of the best selling artists in the United States. The controversy surrounding Prince for years now on the issue of copyright infringement and royalties almost killed the artist’s career as lawsuits began flying like hot cakes against anyone and everyone using his images, logos, name, songs, and the like. Prince today lives in Minneapolis. He was recently chosen to be the Billboard Music Awards 2013 Icon honoree. He no longer allows recordings or writings in interviews conducted with him. However, as a part of his Billboard Honoree status, he agreed to give Billboard an interview, granted one that could not have any writing or recording devices. Prince’s life is fascinating. He lives far away from Los Angeles and is surrounded by talented artists he has found throughout the years in a variety of ways. Reading the Billboard Magazine interview, I was so excited to hear about the details of his life in Minnesota and where he is musically today.

I sink into the delicious details of every nuance of what a meeting and interview with Prince could be like. Gail Mitchell the interviewer definitely delivers on all counts. She graphically describes Prince’s recording studio, his assistant Ramadan, a fellow artist discovered by Prince, Prince’s attire, his swag and his mindset. As Gail gives details on what Prince is wearing, what he looks like, how ageless he is, I close my eyes and imagine what such an eclectic artist with so many accomplishments would be like. During her interview with Prince, I can see that his not allowing pen and paper takes a toll because the article is more or less resigned to describing everything in detail rather than talking about his upcoming album and tour. She does refer consistently to Prince’s adamant resolve to make sure he retains ownership rights of anything he puts his name, face, voice, or mind to. As I read about Prince playing guitar and keyboards and auditioning drummers, I am so captivated by the many sides of Prince. As Gail puts it, Prince’s passion remains deeply rooted and is apparent not only in his instrumentals and improv, but in his love for discovering and molding new talent. While interviewing Prince, he is rehearsing for six shows at the Minneapolis Dakota Jazz Club, which sold out its first morning on sale. I can’t help but think thank God time and money didn’t take away this incredible artist’s love for music and still, thirty-five years after he first hit the scene, with Prince, music is first.

Deep inside the rumorville in 2013 Prince will be going on Tour again, nothing is in stone yet. I have heard different things, “Prince will be playing a few select cities” in the US as well as “Prince will be playing a huge arena tour. Prince at the Staples Center would be great to see again.

Last I have heard that Prince is going to be playing very small venues, not that he probably couldn’t sell out the Rose Bowl if he wanted to. It is just less draining on him to play smaller venues as well as more intimate.

We shall see what 2013 brings in the way of a Prince Concert, we will keep posting as we know more. If and when he announces an Los Angeles Concert Dates for Prince we will have tickets for all and any shows he decides to play in LA LA land.

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