Possible LA Kings moves for playoff run

The Los Angeles Kings currently sit in 7th place in the Western Conference with 60 points.  They are two points up on the 8th seed Minnesota Wild and 5 points back of the Chicago Blackhawks who currently occupy the 5th position in the conference.  At this point the Kings will be looking to at least maintain that 7th seed and in order to put themselves in position to do
that would be wise to make some moves prior to the NHL’s trading deadline which comes later this month on February 27th.

First, it should be noted that the Kings should definitely be adding players at the trading deadline.  They are in the thick of the playoff race and they will need to add some pieces if they want to catch the Chicago Blackhawks and have success in the playoffs once they get in the playoffs.  Anyone who has watched the Kings all season knows that this team needs an infusion of offense if they want to reach the
heights and goals they set at the beginning of the season.

There are several attractive options available to the Los Angeles Kings at this year’s deadline.  Which players would be the right fit for the Kings to make a second half push?  That is the question that the Kings front office will be analyzing in the weeks to come.
Let’s take a look at some of the players that will available and make the most sense for the Kings to acquire in our eyes.

Travis Moen – Montreal Canadiens

The Kings need depth and Moen would provide much needed help for a 3rd and 4th line that sorely need it.  Moen would also bring an intense attitude and dedicated work ethic which are the kinds of guys that can come on your team mid season and contribute right away.  Montreal is in somewhat of a rebuilding process so they probably will not be looking for much in return
for Moen.  Maybe a draft pick and amid-level prospect?  If that is the price tag then an acquisition on Moen is definitely worth it.

Drew Stafford – Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have been a disappointment and Stafford along with some of his other teammates has been the brunt of criticism up in Buffalo.  Are the Sabres fed up enough to let a quality young players like Stafford go?  The Kings have no way of knowing this, but Stafford is more then worth kicking the tires on.  He would be a more long-term option then Moen and may just need a change of scenery to reach his potential.  He would take a more considerable package to acquire and we think that package would be worth the risk.

Tuomo Ruutu – Carolina Hurricanes

This is the guy that will directly address the Kings’ offensive woes.  He would likely be a
rental until the end of the year.  He is the type of player you look to acquire when you think your team can make a
serious run in the playoffs and you think he can be a final piece to the puzzle type guy.  He has had 20 plus goals the
past three seasons and will not have a huge price tag attached to him because the Hurricanes know he is likely gone this offseason and will most likely be looking to get anything they can get in return for him.

The stretch run of the season is always an exciting time for hockey fans.  Hopefully the Kings front office makes some moves to put this team into position to make a serious run come playoff time.  The acquisition of all or some of the players above combined with the development of the young players currently on the roster will go a long way to determining success or failure come playoff time.

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  1. I heard somebody talking about this on the radio yesterday, but I can’t remember what station it was. To bad its just another bad season for the LA Kings.

  2. I dont think the Kings will make the playoffs this year, hopefully they will beat the Blackhawks tonight.

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