Pau Gasol Should he stay or should he go now?

Pau Gasol to trade or not to trade
Pau Gasol to trade or not to trade

Much buzz has been circling the former four-time all- star Pau Gasol about a possible trade this season. The Lakers have been thinking about trading him since the 2011-2012, when our team targeted Chris Paul, but the trade was called off. After that, he stated that this behavior from the team wouldn’t affect his way of play, after all it’s all professional. But he didn’t keep his promise. Where is the Gasol that would win us Championships? He is a 7 footer skilled big man with a firm jump shot and is, or rather was, almost unbeatable close to the rim. And now, he has become a role player that, ok, starts the game but then again he rarely finishes it. How can we have a player of that class not contributing for us? We can’t afford leaving such players at the bench in crunch time.

It may be wiser for teams’ officials to start thinking about trading him. Not only could we acquire one or two valuable members for Pau, but it may also be better for him to start over in a new uniform. What could we get back in a possible trade? Well, half of the teams in the NBA might be willing a lot to get a player like Gasol. Just imagine we get a player like Gasol in return, but this time he also plays like Gasol and not like Valanciunas. Because, unfortunately Pau is playing like him right now. For example imagine we get the young and promising Cousins plus 1-2 other role players. Or Millsap together with Marvin Williams and Raja. Or even Amare (ok this one might not work well neither). But really the possibilities are endless. Even Boston could make a deal with us or the Bulls with Boozer, anyone.

Maybe Pau himself is thinking about the way out, although his press statements moved in the opposite direction. “No, oh, that’s radical. I still believe. I still have faith in what we have. I still have faith that I can be a big part in helping this team succeed. Right now, I’m not being able to do that very often.” Those were his words after our loss against the Clips. I really want to believe in Gasol and even Kobe made comments about him, stating that the he should get more involved on offense. I mean, you can‘t go to Kobe or Dwight on almost every possession and wait for others to get open. Our opponents know that we always do and they lock us down on defense. But if distribute the ball more and more guys contribute on offense, that will not only boost their mentality, but will also break the defense apart, providing help and opening more lanes for Kobe. It’s really basketball fundamentals which coach D’Antoni should inhale to our offensive system.

Whether we trade Pau or not, this situation can’t continue any longer. We simply can’t continue to struggle and fight to sustain a 0.500 record. Either trade him or utilize him better. We have to make radical steps forward. Look towards the future dear Lakers’ managers.

By: Mike Rollings on the Lakers beat for Barrys Ticket Service.

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