Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant

Which categories does the great Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers?

Which Categories Kobe Leads the Lakers in?

Kobe Bryant is arguably the greatest Lakers player ever. The only ones that can come close are Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. Magic and Kareem have the same amount of rings with the Lakers as Kobe, five, and West has only one.

Jerry West has the flair of being the NBA’s logo, and one of the best players in the history of the sport. Kareem is widely considered top 10 players, and Magic is the one that made ShowTime possible.

But none of them gave the Lakers as much as Kobe. Bryant played 20 seasons in the NBA, all wearing the purple and gold. Magic Johnson played only 13 seasons in the league (all for the Lakers).

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chicago bulls championship rings

Who did the Chicago Bulls beat in the NBA Finals?

Who did Chicago Bulls beat in the Finals?

One of the most interesting questions fans today speculate is whether Jordan faced tougher competition or Lebron did in their way to titles. The same applied for Kobe years earlier. Be as it is, fans tend to forget who Jordan had to play and beat to get his six championships. All of Chicago Bulls championships are won in the Jordan era. Here is a reminder who did the Chicago Bulls beat in the NBA Finals.

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new york knicks retired jersey numbers

Which jersey numbers have the New York Knicks retired

Which jersey numbers have the New York Knicks retired?

The New York Knicks are one of the most successful teams in NBA history. Almost 10% of players retired by Naismith Hall of Fame wore a Knicks jersey. But it seems like the Knicks are not so fast at retiring jerseys as the Hall is of accepting players in. So far, the Knicks have retired only nine numbers in honor of their players and staff.

Here are all the New York Knicks retired Jersey numbers.

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cleveland cavaliers basketball court

Do you know how much are NBA Cleveland Cavaliers worth?

How much are Cleveland Cavaliers worth?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have never been one of the highest value teams in the league. Even in Lebron’s first stunt with the Cavs, the highest value the team could muster was $477 million, and that was in 2009, just one year before Lebron James left the team. After he left, the value of the Cavaliers went down. So how much are the Cleveland Cavaliers worth now?

But it seems that with the return of Lebron James, and with the championship ring now won, the Cavaliers are headed for higher ground. Forbes ranked the Cavaliers No.12 in value for 2016, estimating that the team is worth $1.1 billion.

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Steve Ballmer Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

Who is the NBA Los Angeles Clippers owner?

Who is the NBA Los Angeles Clippers owner?

For years, the Los Angeles Clippers were known as the worst team in the NBA. Not just because of their record, but because of their owner as well. For years, Donald Sterling was the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, and he made a name for insulting players, fans, and everyone else around. Luckily, the league kicked him off from the Clippers and then sold the franchise to another owner.

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Los Angeles Lakers Trophies

What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster of great players?

What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster?

Whenever you are trying to select an all-time roster for a team, you are being subjective. It is hard to pick the five best players for the Los Angeles Lakers. There have been so many great players wearing the purple and gold. However, we will try to pick the best five, Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster that can compete with almost any team in the league.

The list is determined not just by greatness, but how many years a player spent wearing the purple and gold. Here is the Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster.

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the weeknd in concert

The Weeknd VIP Tickets Packages Offer Amazing Seats to fans

The Weeknd VIP Tickets Packages Offer Amazing Seats to fans

The Weeknd VIP Tickets PackagesTHE WEEKND VIP Tickets to his 2017 concert tour In what is sure to be one of the most anticipated concert tours of 2017.

The Weeknd has announced a hearty run of dates for the upcoming 2017 Starboy Legend of the Fall World Tour phase one.

Along with the announcement of the Weeknd 2017 Starboy Legend of the Fall World Tour came with the promise of “surprise special guests,” don’t miss out on securing The Weeknd VIP tickets for the must-see concert tour of 2017.
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taylor swift setlist fearless tour

Taylor Swift Setlist Fearless Tour Concerts 2009 – 2010

Taylor Swift Setlist Fearless Tour.

taylor swift setlist fearless tour
The Fearless Tour was the first headlining worldwide concert tour by Taylor Swift in support of her second studio album “Fearless.”

Taylor released five singles from the album Fearless. “Love Story” on September 12, 2008. The first single, “Love Story,” sold more than 10 million copies worldwide “White Horse” December 7, 2008. “You Belong with Me” on April 19, 2009. “Fifteen” on August 30, 2009. “Fearless” on January 3, 2010.

Fearless Tour

taylor swift concert fearless
The Fearless concert tour started at Roberts Stadium in Evansville on April 23, 2009, selling out the 7,463 Stadium capacity. The show grossed $360,617.

The highest-grossing date on tour was on June 5, 2010, at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. Taylor performed in front of 56,868, and the show grossed $3,726,157.
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lady gaga tony bennett cheek to cheek concert

Tony Bennett Lady Gaga Setlist Cheek To Cheek Concert Tour

Tony Bennett Lady Gaga Setlist Cheek to Cheek Concert Tour.

The Cheek to Cheek concert tour was a co-headlining tour with Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in support of their 2014 release Cheek to Cheek.

On December 30, 2014, the Cheek to Cheek Tour began at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas and ended August 1, 2015, at Washington D.C.’s Kennedy Center Concert Hall.

The Cheek To Cheek concert tour had five legs with twenty-eight dates in North America and eight in Europe for a total of thirty-six performances.
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lady gaga artpop concert tour

Lady Gaga Setlist for her ArtRave The ArtPop Ball tour

Lady Gaga Setlist for her ArtRave The Artpop Ball tour.

artpop ball lady gaga concert tourIn support of her third studio album “Artpop,” Lady Gaga headed out on her fourth headlining worldwide concert tour “The Artpop Ball tour.”

The stage resembled a cave and consisted of two sections connected by catwalks made of translucent lucite, allowing the audience to move underneath the catwalks while still being able to watch the show. Gaga’s costumes in the show included one with tentacles, one with bejeweled wings, a rave-inspired outfit and a necklace made of marijuana leaves.

Singles released from ArtPop

“Applause” was released on August 12, 2013, peaking at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100.
“Do What U Want” was released on October 21, 2013, peaked at number 13 in the United States.
“G.U.Y.” was released on March 28, 2014.

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