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New Prince Shows Added for the LA Forum

Prince has added new dates at the Los Angeles Forum. The new dates are May 13th, 14, 27, 28th, 29. We have great seats for all nights including the FIRST 5 ROWS!

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If you havent seen Prince yet, here is a review of the show:
Absolutely everything I had hoped for, and more. Truly a “Funk-fest” of major proportions. I have been a Prince fan since his early days and have seen him perform several times. He continues to be a huge dynamo in a diminutive package. His vitality and vigor are unmatched among performers in his age group — No, make that, of ANY age group. He simply has no peer. Except for having matured gracefully, it is remarkable how he appears to have aged little in the past 30 years. His energy is infectious, and he can still “bust a move” as well as any 16 year-old. The show was exhilarating (“Baby, I’m a Star” & “Let’s Work”) and sensually stimulating (“Beautiful Ones” , “Adore”). Prince hasn’t missed a beat in creating contemporary music (“Guitar”). Yet he pays due homage to hits of the past, both his own (his remix of “Kiss” was funky & inspired) and of those who inspired him (Sly & Family Stone’s “Everyday People” and “I Want to Take You Higher”). Having said all that, it should be mentioned that his skills on his instruments are truly virtuoso.
Matt Cittos – Los Angeles

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