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NBA Lockout meeting update

The Last NBA teams lockout meeting was a crucial one for both the NBA players and the owners. However, no significant decision was taken during this meeting. The only outcome was the decision that the next NBA season will be late, with the possibility of cancellation.

The Agenda of the Meeting:

The labor negotiations between the NBA players and the team owners regarding the crucial issues of the revenue split was the main issue behind the meeting. When the meeting began, the players were ready to reduce their share to 53% from 57% of the last season. However, the owners were asking the players for a 46% share.

The outcome:

The players were still adamant on 53%. While the owners moved to a mere 47%. The fate of the new season is undecided. The NBA has cancelled the rest of the preseason games.

This meeting was in effect, indecisive. There was no decision on the schedules for future meetings either. The season is scheduled to begin in just four weeks and it is not a good sign with the rest of the preseason games also being cancelled. There are speculations that many more games may also to be cancelled.

According to commissioner David Stern, the first two weeks of the 2011-12 regular seasons will be cancelled if no deal is reached between the two sides.  So far, Monday is set as the deadline to save the start of the regular season in November.

The talks on Tuesday were supposed to enable a negotiation between the Players and the owners. The meeting failed as the economic gaps could not be narrowed. With no confirmed meeting ahead the future looks bleak.