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3 Things You Can Expect From the NBA Finals 2022

The NBA Finals in 2022 are shaping up to be a pretty unique matchup. The Warriors nearly swept the Dallas Mavericks despite an enormous effort from Mavs superstar Luka Doncic in the Western Conference. At the same time, Jayson Tatum and the Celtics are entrenched in a physical free-for-all with Jimmy Butler and the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference.

Depending on which teams end up in the NBA Finals in 2022, the ticket prices are likely to vary.

Gone are the days of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls running rough-shod over every team in the league en route to another inevitable NBA title. Even the record-breaking Golden State Warriors team has looked feeble over the years.

Want to be a part of history by catching the action live? Read on.

NBA Finals 2022

Regardless of which teams make it to the end of the road, tickets are sure to be at a premium this year. With four big-market teams still in the running, games will sell out quickly, if not immediately!

3 Things You Can Expect From the NBA Finals in 2022

1. Hard-Nosed Defense

Isn’t it amazing how professional basketball players remember how to play elite-level defense once the playoffs start? Don’t expect any less during the NBA Finals in 2022.

Klay Thompson of Splash Brothers fame is not only a prolific shooter – he’s also a multiple-time member of the All-Defensive Team.

Draymond Green is another Golden State Warrior that bucks the trend – the guy is a former Defensive Player of the Year winner and perpetual nominee for the award. Despite (or maybe because of) his incessant trash talk and eccentric personality, he is a master of mind games. He gets under the skin of even the greatest players to knock them off-center.

The Boston Celtics, on the other hand (and another coast), have arguably the league’s best team in terms of defensive acumen. Not only do they boast perennial hustle-of-the-year award winner (if such an award existed) Marcus Smart and infamous glass vacuum Robert William III, they have a young, robust, and sound squad led by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

2. Outstanding Coaching

All four of the remaining coaches come with their own respective pedigree. Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors is credited with inventing the “Death Lineup” – a fatal combination of players on his squad with specific skills that complement each other fantastically.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra on the other hand, is a player-centric coach that won championships with the LeBron James superteams of the early 10s and maintains his reputation as the legendary Pat Riley’s protege by churning out overachieving teams that look ugly on paper.

The Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Kidd is already a legendary figure in the NBA. Regarded as one of the most gifted point guards in league history, he seems custom-fit to mentor the human highlight film that is Luka Doncic.

Kidd’s floor vision and sheer knowledge of the game are revered league-wide and likely one of the critical components of this overachieving team’s deep run thus far.

3. The 3-Ball

It’s no big shock to any modern NBA fan to read that 3 point field goal percentage is the most crucial statistic in the entire box score. In today’s game, teams live and die by the 3 (as lamented by Dallas Mavericks coach Jason Kidd recently).

The bottom line is that if a team can’t hit from outside the arc, said the team is going to have a bad day. Because of today’s game’s extended ball-centric game plans, if your team gets a case of the bricks, it can spell trouble.

This is perhaps the biggest reason why watching Steph Curry knockdown half-court turnaround jumpers is fantastic and confounding. Enacted in the 1979-1980 season, the three-point line revolutionized the game of professional basketball and would go on to immortalize players like Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Steph Curry.

And what about players like Steve Kerr (now the Warriors’ coach) and Robert Horry? You know that “Big Shot Rob” wouldn’t be an NBA memory without those iconic and well-timed threes.

Gone are the dull days of Hack-a-Shaq! It’s even become customary for big fellas to be able to bang the three-ball. Multiple NBA MVP winner Nikola Jokic is one example of how even the tall guys are getting into sniper mode.

NBA Final Tickets

Tickets to any of the playoff rounds – the NBA Conference Finals or the NBA Finals – will make a big dent in your wallet. With a bit of help, however, you can score those tickets and catch the action live without breaking the bank.

So, who have you got? As of this writing, it’s looking like we’re headed for a Boston Celtics vs. Golden State Warriors matchup for the NBA Finals 2022, but things could always change.

And then, if it doesn’t change and we get to witness the greatness of The Splash Brothers + Jordan Poole vs. Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and the Time Lord – how pumped are you to see it live?

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