mlb opening day ticket prices

How much are MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices 2019 season

How much are MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices 2019 season

The 2019 MLB season is officially upon us; it’s time to get ready for the with the smell of fresh cut grass, hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks. As the 2019 MLB Opening Day games are about to begin so here is a look at How much are MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices on the secondary market for the 2019 season.

Los Angeles Angels $25.00$22.00$41.00
Houston Astros$37.00$35.00$46.00
Oakland Athletics $31.00$26.00$28.00
Toranto Blue Jays $36.00$32.00$63.00
Atlanta Braves $35.00$34.00$29.00
Milaukee Brewers $38.00$35.00$23.00
Chicago Cubs$92.00$104.00$56.00
Arizona D-Backs $26.00$24.00$12.00
Los Angeles Dodgers $82.00$84.00$84.00
Cleveland Indians $89.00$82.00$56.00
Seattle Mariners $25.00$22.00$40.00
Miami Marlins $22.00$23.00$17.00
New York Mets $66.00$63.00$94.00
Washington Nationals $51.00$48.00$47.00
Philadelphia Phillies $36.00$35.00$31.00
Pittsburgh Pirates $42.00$45.00$38.00
Texas Rangers $84.00$82.00$97.00
Tampa Bay Rays $53.00$52.00$52.00
Boston Red Sox $72.00$74.00$107.00
Cincinnati Reds$55.00$56.00$49.00
Baltimore Orioles $117.00$122.00$48.00
Colorado Rockies $69.00$68.00$67.00
Kansas City Royals $102.00$100.00$107.00
San Diego Padres $37.00$36.00$60.00
San Francisco Giants $84.00$82.00$121.00
St Louis Cardinals $79.00$76.00$84.00
Detroit Tigers $75.00$70.00$98.00
Minnesota Twins $28.00$25.00$38.00
Chicago White Sox $23.00$21.00$32.00
New York Yankees $35.00$30.00$22.00

Balitmore Orioles

Oriole Park 25th anniversary season 2019 schedule.

According to Marketplace, the Baltimore Orioles are currently posting the biggest Opening Day ticket demand among all 30 Major League Baseball teams.

Baltimore Orioles tickets on the secondary market for Monday, April 3, 2019, against the Toronto Blue Jays at Camden Yards posted an $122.00 Get In’ price for standing room only seats. A 154% increase from the teams 2016 Opening Day get’in the door price of $48.00 per ticket.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs Opening Day | MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices

The Chicago Cubs are posting the second highest Get’In price of $104.00 per ticket for their Monday, April 10, 2019, Opening Day game against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Wrigley Field. An 85.71% increase from their $56.00 per ticket price for the 2016 Cubs Opening Day game.

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals Hype 2019 | MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices

Although down -6.54% from their 2016 Opening Day game ticket price on the secondary market of $107.00 per ticket, the Kansas City Royals are posting the third highest Get In the door price of all thirty teams. The Monday, April 10, 2019, game against the Oakland A’s start at $100.00.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

2019 Angels Hype | MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices

Of course, not all Major League Baseball teams will cost an arm and a leg to see at home for the first time this 2019 season. In fact, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are posting a -46.34% cheaper 2019 Opening Day ticket “Get In” the door price of $22.00 than their 2016 price of $41.00.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Dodgers Opening Day Dodger Stadium. | MLB Opening Day Ticket Prices

The Los Angeles Dodgers home opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday, March 28, 2019, at Dodger Stadium, starting at $86.00 – down -15% from their 2018 MLB Opening day ticket price of $97.00.

MLB Opening Day 2019

The MLB Opening Day schedule will Officially begin with three games on Thursday, March 2, 2019.

New York Yankees at Tampa Bay Rays 1:10 pm starting at $52.00 per ticket.

San Francisco Giants at Arizona D-backs 4:10 pm starting at $24.00 per ticket.

Chicago Cubs at St Louis Cardinals 8:35 pm starting at $76.00 per ticket.

You can also check out 2019 MLB Ticket prices for all thirty teams.

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