Los Angeles Rams Bench section vip 132 sofi stadium

Where is the Los Angeles Rams bench located at SoFi Stadium?

Navigating Your Way to the Rams’ Bench at SoFi Stadium

The Los Angeles Rams bench is located on the west sideline at SoFi Stadium in front of Sections 129-134.

It is close to the tunnel leading out of the stadium and near the locker rooms.

The visiting team’s bench is on the east side, just across from the Rams’ bench in front of Sections 114-109.

Fans can find a great view of both teams in action by sitting in sections 129-134 or 114-109 near the 50 yard line.

From these seats, fans can watch both team’s players and coaches as they interact on the sidelines.

It is a great spot to catch all of the action on the field up close!

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What is the view is like from Sofi Stadium sections 129-134:

Sofi Stadium VIP 132 View of LA Rams BenchView from Sofi Stadium VIP 132.
Unobstructed View: The seating in sections 129-134 provides an unobstructed view of the field, allowing spectators to see all the action clearly.

Close Proximity to the Field: These sections are located within close proximity to the field, offering an immersive gameday experience.

Sideline Perspective: Being in front of the Los Angeles Rams bench, fans in sections 129-134 can enjoy a sideline perspective of the game, witnessing the team’s actions and interactions up close.

Access to VIP Concessions and Bathrooms: According to aviewfrommyseat.com, these sections grant access to VIP concessions and bathrooms, allowing fans to avoid longer lines elsewhere.

Overall, sections 129-134 at SoFi Stadium provide an excellent view of the field, a close proximity to the action, and a sideline perspective of the game.

How many rows are there in sections 130-133 at Sofi Stadium?

VIP Club: The VIP Club seating area, which includes sections 130-133, consists of four sections on the 100 level and six sections on the 200 level.

The front three rows of sections 130 and 133 are part of the VIP Club seating area.

Club 133: Club 133 at SoFi Stadium has fewer than 20 rows in both levels of club seating, and all club seats are within 40 rows of the field.
Sofi Stadium VIP 247 view in front of Los Angeles Rams BenchView from Sofi Stadium Section 247.
VIP 247: VIP 247 is within 40 rows of the field. There is 17 rows in section VIP 247 with one row that is wheelchair accessable.

Club Seats: Club seats at SoFi Stadium are located along the sideline in both the 100 and 200 levels, and run from endzone to endzone.

What is the price range for club seats in sections 130-133 at Sofi Stadium?

No matter what you’re looking to spend, Barry’s Tickets has tickets to fit your budget. Currently, Los Angeles Rams ticket prices for sections 130-133 start at $175, with an average price of $265.

What amenities are included with club seats in sections 130-133 at Sofi Stadium?

Sofi Stadium VIP 542 Behind LA Rams BenchSofi Stadium VIP 542 Behind LA Rams Bench
Club seats in front of the Los Angeles Rams bench in sections 130-133 at SoFi Stadium offer various amenities to enhance the gameday experience.

While the specific amenities may vary, here are some common amenities that are typically included with club seats:

Access to VIP Club: Club seats provide access to the VIP Club, which is an exclusive area with upscale amenities and services.

Premium Seating Location: Club seats are located along the sideline in both the 100 and 200 levels, offering prime views of the game from endzone to endzone.

Wider and Cushioned Seats: Club seats often feature wider and more comfortable seating options compared to regular seating.

VIP Entrance: Club seat ticket holders typically have access to a dedicated VIP entrance, allowing for a more convenient and streamlined entry into the stadium.

In-Suite Restrooms: Some club seating areas may offer access to private in-suite restrooms, providing added convenience and comfort.

Climate-Controlled Environment: Club seating areas are often climate-controlled, ensuring a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside.

VIP Parking Passes: Club seat ticket holders may receive VIP parking passes, allowing for closer and more convenient parking options.

All-Inclusive Food and Beverage Options: Depending on the specific club seating area, access to all-inclusive food and beverage options may be included, providing a premium dining experience.

It’s important to note that the exact amenities included with club seats in sections 130-133 may vary depending on the specific ticket package and seating area.

What is the Children’s Ticket Policy for Los Angeles Rams games at SoFi Stadium?

Children under two years old do not require a ticket to enter the LA Rams Stadium. All children two years and over will require a ticket.