Los Angeles Lakers Schedule

Los Angeles Lakers schedule 2023-24: Must watch games and key dates.

Los Angeles Lakers schedule 2023-24: Must watch games and key dates.

Los Angeles Lakers schedule 2023-24

A look at the Los Angeles Lakers schedule for 2023-24 NBA season.

Amid a busy NBA Offseason for the Lakers, full of headlines, trade rumors, declarations from King James, and an owner desperate to win, We break down the Lakers’ critical games in the coming season following a disastrous 2021-22 campaign. LA’s most famous franchise will be hoping for a reboot as they signed some young guns hoping to make more of a contribution this year. Now that their season schedule has been released, they can start plotting their course.

A look at the Lakers’ 2023-24 regular season schedule.

The NBA announced its schedule for the 2023-24 regular season on Wednesday afternoon. With that said, we’re breaking down the key games that can dictate how their season could go and games that will matter the most as the regular season ends.

They prepare to embark on a campaign to come out on top as NBA Champions. With the weight on their shoulders from the organization’s standards to the standards of being a top contender with King James at the helm. Not winning a championship can be seen as a failure each season. From an intriguing cross-town matchup to a game in which they will say goodbye to one of their legends, and with the history of winning as an organization, how will the boys in yellow and purple prevail?

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October 18th – Lakers at Warriors.

After a season that was quite the opposite for the two teams, with the Lakers failing to make the playoffs and the Warriors winning their seventh Championship, this one has got all kinds of layers in play. The matchup everyone loves to see is Lebron vs. Stephen Curry is Lebron’s kryptonite, with a record of 23-12 against the King. Both players are a spectacle to watch, regardless of who else is on the court. With a losing record against Curry, King James manages to put monstrous numbers, nearly averaging a triple-double against the “baby-faced assassin.”

Perhaps the positive here is that it will come right off the bat. At this point, whether the Lakers can add Kyrie Irving to their roster or not, this will be, without a doubt, a severe test of their credentials. Where the Warriors are concerned, they have been known to be slow starters occasionally, but rest assured, there are always fireworks when these two meet.

October 20 – Clippers at Lakers

What better way to have Opening Night at Crypto.com Arena than for the Lakers to host their crosstown rival in the Battle for L.A. The Clippers have won the last seven games vs. the Lakers. This will be the first time we see Lebon/AD square off against Kawhi Leonard/Paul George since Dec 22, 2020, with the Clippers coming out on top 116-109.

A game featuring two teams who had underwhelming seasons as they both missed last year’s playoffs. The Lakers will have a full group of healthy guys after going through the unlucky injury bug, leaving Lakers fans wondering what the starting five would be each game. On the other hand, the Clippers were without their stars Kawhi and George for the majority of the year, with Kawhi partially tearing his ACL in game 4 against the lakers back in 2021, missing all of last season. Paul George was out 51 games because of a torn UCL in his right elbow.

Both teams will be completely healthy with their stars, making this game a must-watch television this year with the guarantee of many points to be scored! Will the Clippers continue their streak to 8 games vs. the Lakers, or will the Lakers make it known they are coming for the trophy this year?

November 13th – Nets at Lakers.

As mentioned before, Kyrie Irving to the Lakers is well and truly underway; however, the reality is whether the prolific point guard is on LA’s roster or not. This game could be one-sided, with the Nets having more significant worries on their hands than Irving. All the speculation and chatter about Kevin Durant’s situation will ultimately decide their fate for the season. Durant demanded an ultimatum from the owners. For both teams, whether it’s Russell Westbrook’s future, Irving’s unpredictability, or Durant’s demands, expect the chatter to dominate what could otherwise be an exciting game.

December 2nd – Lakers at Bucks.

A revenge game for the Bucks as they welcome back their former head coach, who led them to win the 2021-2022 NBA Championship. A couple of months into the new season, this will be a test for both teams to square off for what could be an entertaining NBA Finals matchup. As he takes on his former team, Darvin Hamm must calm himself.

Look out for the ‘Greek Freak’ and Co. to spoil the welcome home party for the man that brought them a title. This will be a straightforward test of what the Lakers offer across the season.

December 13th – Celtics at Lakers.

Who doesn’t love a rivalry game dating back to Magic and Bird? The biggest rivalry in the NBA, equivalating to the Yankees/Red Sox, I expect this game to provide fireworks. With the Lakers honoring the late and great Bill Russell by retiring the number 6, the Lakers will have an extra amount of pressure and motivation. Let’s not forget about the brilliance of a young Celtics team that nearly got their hands on the Larry O’Brien trophy this past campaign; this one will be extra special.

With both franchises sitting on 17 titles a piece, there has perhaps never been a better time to watch the rivalry than here and now. In their last ten games, the teams are equal with five wins apiece, so expect this one to be lit.

December 25th – Lakers at Mavericks.

Santa is bringing us a special gift this Christmas! It should be said that some of The Lakers’ most exciting games in recent years have been against the boys from Dallas. Just two years ago, the Lakers hosted the Mavericks on Christmas Day and beat the brakes off the Mavs 138-115!

The Lake Show has a whomping 115-52 record against the Mavs. Add in the fan-favorite Luka Dončić to the equation, who has been putting in some serious work this offseason by starting just a few weeks after the end of last season. Luka is in better shape and has this game circled on his calendar. You’ve got yourself the making of a real yuletide special. It will be interesting to see how the Lakers navigate this one, as they are accustomed to playing at home on Christmas day. Can the boys in yellow and purple show the Mavericks that ‘on the up’ means nothing? Watch this space.

February 15th – Pelicans at Lakers.

In what will be the last game before the All-Star break, there will be an element of revenge in this one as the Pelicans clinched the final playoff spot ahead of the Lakers in the 2021-22 campaign. With Zion Williamson having signed a massive extension and, more importantly, healthy once again, his name will dominate the buildup to this one. That’s not to say that CJ McCollum’s return to fitness isn’t also a big deal. With Western Conference ranking implications, be assured that this game will be intense.

March 7th – Grizzlies at Lakers.

Given the date, it goes without saying that playoff implications will well and truly be in play, but truthfully this game will be all about former Lakers icon and one-time Grizzlies player Pau Gasol. The Catalan sensation will see his No. 16 jersey retired and lifted into the rafters, becoming the 12th Laker to see his jersey removed from rosters. A fitting end and occasion for a player who, alongside the late Kobe Bryant, won back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010.

April 9th – Jazz at Lakers.

The importance and intensity of this one will depend on where the Lakers are at in the table. Facing a playoff contender team such as the Jazz, both teams could face each other in the playoffs this season. Should there be a repeat of last season’s fiasco, expect it to be a formality, unfortunately. However, if the Lakers are heading for the postseason or hunting for a play-in spot, then expect this one to be full of fireworks. Regardless, when these two get together, it’s always intense, and given where the two teams are today, the Lakers should feel no fear about their chances of getting the W.

This season will be a test for the Lakers. Will Father Time catch up to King James, AD, and the other vets, or will the Lakers dominate this season with King James leading them to their 18th Championship?

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