What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster of great players?

What is Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster?

Whenever you are trying to select an all-time roster for a team, you are being subjective. It is hard to pick the five best players for the Los Angeles Lakers. There have been so many great players wearing the purple and gold. However, we will try to pick the best five, Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster that can compete with almost any team in the league.

The list is determined not just by greatness, but how many years a player spent wearing the purple and gold. Here is the Los Angeles Lakers All-Time roster.

Kareem-Abdul Jabbar

kareem abdul jabbar los angeles lakers all-time roster
Kareem-Abdul Jabbar would be the starting center. He won a title in Milwaukee before coming over to the Lakers and starting the show-time Lakers with Magic. His sky-hook was impossible to defend, and the all-time leader in points scored helped the Lakers dominate the 80s. Thanks to Kareem, the Lakers won 5 titles. He scored 24176 points in purple and gold, but also grabbed 10279 rebounds, dished 3652 assists, blocked 2694 shots and recorded 983 steals.

Magic Johnson

magic johnson los angeles lakers all-time roster
Our starting point guard has to be Magic Johnson, the man who rebirth the Lakers along with Kareem. Magic was responsible for reviving the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. He won five titles along Kareem, posting totals of 17707 points, 10141 assists (Lakers leader of all-time), 6559 rebounds, and 1724 steals (second all-time for the Lakers).

Kobe Bryant

kobe bryant  los angeles lakers all-time roster
As expected, Kobe is the starting shooting guard. The man who spent his entire career wearing the purple and gold. Kobe is the first and only player in the history of the league to play 20 seasons for the same team. Kobe’s numbers say enough: 33643 points (all-time Lakers leader), 7047 rebounds, 6306 assists (second all-time Lakers), 1944 steals (first all-time Lakers), 640 blocks, and five titles.

Jerry West

jerry west los angeles lakers all-time roster
The forward spots are tricky. You can go with players who played the standard position, or you can go the modern way. For example, the All-Time Lakers roster has to feature Jerry West. Despite being 6-2, he can play small forward, or rotate to the guard spot and let Kobe or Magic play small forward. Kobe is more suited for the role, seeing as he had a better 3-pt shot than Magic.

So, we have West, who won only one title as a Laker, but took the Lakers to the Finals so many times. He is the only player in the history of the league to win Finals MVP on a losing team. During his time with the Lakers, West scored 25192 points, finishing with career average of 27 points per game. He also dished 6238 assists, and grabbed 5366 rebounds.

Elgin Baylor

elgin baylor los angeles lakers
The last forward spot is the hardest. So many good candidates, but we will go with Elgin Baylor. He played alongside West, and battled the Celtics in the 60s. Baylor had the unfortunate luck to retire just before the Lakers won the title. He finished with even better average of 27.4 points per game. In total, he scored 23149 points and grabbed 11463 rebounds (all-time Lakers leader).

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