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LA Lakers Rumors: Are They Surfacing as Clippers Greatest Threat?

Have you heard the LA Lakers rumors circulating through the basketball world these days? With the Lakers having the second most wins in NBA history, coming in behind the East Coast Boston Celtics, many fans see them as the Clippers greatest threat.

But, Clipper Nation doesn’t agree. The Clippers are coming off a winning season while the Lakers had a dismal showing during the season. The 2019-20 NBA Lakers and Clippers season seems to be riding on which team can sign Kawhi Leonard.

Do you think the Lakers are the Clippers biggest threat? You might want to wait until all the free agency deals are finished before you place any bets.

In any case, the fierce rivalry between the two Los Angeles teams is sure to sell out all the LA Lakers tickets. If you haven’t been to an NBA game before, this rivalry would be a great first game to see.

LA Lakers Rumors or Fact

According to the New York Post, even though it’s the off-season, the Lakers can look forward to the dynamic Anthony Davis to start their season with a bang. So, this is a fact.

But, the rumor is that the Lakers hope to win the prize with Kawhi Leonard. This could be the makings of a real threat for the LA Clippers. After all, Leonard is the NBA Finals MVP.

In fact, Colin Cowherd recently said that the Clipper’s worst nightmare is if Kawhi opts to go to the Lakers in free agency.

Los Angeles is Leonard’s hometown, but he’s dragging his feet making the decision of where he’ll be for next season. The Lakers are foaming at the mouth hoping to make the Big Three, LeBron James, Davis and Leonard their dream team.

Other Los Angeles Lakers rumors and news comes from Fox Sports1. They report that the Lakers also want Danny Green and Seth Curry. For all you Rajon Rondo fans, this could be a letdown. The Lakers offered him as the trade.

NBC Sports also report that there’s a good chance that Iguodala could sign with the Lakers after the Memphis buyout. He already has a connection with the Lakers. Rob Pelinka, his previous agent is the Laker’s general manager.

This could be the powerhouse the Lakers need and the Clippers dread.

The Clippers and the Raptors hope to grab Leonard for themselves, which would squash the Dream Team idea.

LA Clippers Rumors or Fact

It’s tough to get news about the LA Clipper’s plans because their front office is so closed mouth about their deals. This freaks out Clipper Nation.

However, big news hit social media on July 1 when the Clippers free agent guard, Patrick Beverley signed a 3-year contract to stay with the Clippers. This $40 million deal has the fans jumping for joy for the returning hero.

According to ESPN, Maurice Harkless and a first-round pick are also joining the team. With this addition and a few others in the pipeline, the Clippers hope for a title contention next season.

This was an exciting move involving the four teams, Miami Heat, Portland Trail Blazers, Philadelphia 76ers and the Clippers. It gives the Clippers the edgy defense of 26-year-old Harkless. He was a starter in 53 games for the Trail Blazers last season.

This is good news if the Clippers need him in the starting rotation. Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer’s posted that the Philadelphia will also include Mathias Lessort in the trade.

Other Clipper news from ESPN includes talks happening with Kevin Durant. The two-time NBA Finals MVP is considering deals from the Clippers, Knicks and Nets. If he signs with the Clippers for a four-year deal, he won’t be able to play during the 2019-20 season.

Durant was injured with a torn right Achilles in the fifth game of the finals so he needs a full season for recovery.

Are the Lakers the Biggest Threat to the Clippers?

Most NBA fans in the Los Angeles area think of the Clippers as the “little brother” to the Lakers. After all, from 1976 to 2011, the Clippers only had four postseason games. They also have three winnings season and only one win is a playoff series.

On the other hand, the Lakers made it to the playoffs 35 times during those years. They were also in the NBA Finals 16 times and were champions 10 times.

But, the Clippers aren’t little brothers to the Lakers anymore. Since 2011, the franchise has a winning record and made the playoffs seven out of the eight years.

Times have changed for the Lakers and the Clippers. The Clippers are on a roll, making them an attractive team for big, free agent players. These players aren’t looking at the past but focusing on the current stats.

Remember, the Clippers beat the Lakers in March with a 113-105 score. During the game, Gallinari contributed 23 points and Williams added 21 more. This Clipper victory dashed the Lakers playoff hopes.

The Lakers did beat the Clippers in January but went on to lose nine out of 12 games. So, after all the trade deals are done for next season, we’ll see who the biggest threat could be. It seems all the hype is over which team gets Kawhi Leonard.

The upcoming 2019-20 season could be the best one yet. You can be sure that Lakers vs. Clippers NBA tickets will be flying out of the NBA ticket exchange.

Whether you’re rooting for Clipper Nation or Lakers Nation, it’s time to start saving your pennies so you can witness the battle for Los Angeles.

You Be the Judge

After all, is said and done, only you can decide who the bigger threat is. With all the free agent deals going on it’s anyone’s guess what next season will bring for the Lakers and the Clippers. One thing is for sure, NBA tickets are already selling out.

Whom do you think Kawhi Leonard will choose and which LA Lakers rumors are true? It could mean a playoff season for either the Clippers or the Lakers. 

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