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Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Promo Code Save Today!

Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Promo Code

If you are looking for Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Promo Code then looks no further then Barry’s Ticket Service. We physically stock over 1000 tickets for all Dodgers games at Dodger Stadium and is only minutes from Dodger Stadium itself.

Dodgers tickets promo code

Use Discount Code DOD2018 to get 10% off Dodgers Tickets.

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How do I use the LA Dodgers Tickets Promo Code?
To use the Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets Promo Code, just enter the above code in the Promo Code box at check out..

I am having problems using the LA Dodgers Tickets Promo Code?
If you have double checked that the current Promo Code isn’t working, you can call us at (800) 708-8499 and a Barry’s Tickets team member will be happy to help you.

Where else can I find LA Dodgers Tickets Promo Code or LA Dodgers Tickets Discount Codes?
Barry’s Tickets updates this page frequently. If you don’t see a Los Angeles Dodgers discount code that you are looking for, check back as it may be added tomorrow. You can also follow our social media accounts as we release Promo Codes there.

Barry’s Tickets Dodgers Tickets Promo Codes FAQ
All Promo Codes cannot be used with any other offer. Promo Codes can only be used by themselves and you cannot use Barry’s Bucks. You can view our complete list of terms and conditions.

Need more information on the Los Angeles Dodgers?
Learn more about the stadium and the seating by viewing our Dodger Stadium seating chart and you can view the field from all sections of the stadium. Checkout the complete Los Angeles Dodgers schedule of home games as well as checkout the Los Angeles Dodgers promotional schedule of giveaways at Dodger Stadium home games.

Dodger Stadium address is 1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles, California 90090-1112. Barry’s Tickets offers Dodgers Parking Passes for all games. Feel free to find out more information about Dodger Stadium or about Dodgers Parking.

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    Barry’s Ticket Office is located 3.7 Miles from Dodger Stadium
    Barry's TicketsSince 1985, Barry’s Tickets has been serving all of Dodger Nation with the 100% guaranteed authentic tickets to all games.

    No matter if you are looking for Opening Day Dodgers Tickets, Dodgers Fan Apperception Day Tickets or any games in between Barry’s Tickets has you covered.

    Barry’s Tickets offers great deals on all games on the LA Dodgers Promotional Schedule including all Dodgers Bobblehead Giveaway games.

    Barry’s Tickets

    (213) 749-0057

    1020 S. Figueroa

    Los Angeles



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