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Kobe Bryant Allegedly Grabs Someone’s Cellphone Camera Out of His Hand

If you want a picture of Kobe Bryant, get your NBA tickets. Kobe does not like his pictures being taken. Allegedly, Kobe Bryant took a cell phone out of someone’s hand because he was suspected to have been taking Kobe’s pictures with his phone camera. Now the fellow church goer is considering suing Kobe Bryant for an injured wrist. Moreover, the San Diego police have also jumped into the fray, they are hoping to talk to Kobe about the incident.

Now, look at the situation. Bryant was attending a church service where the cell phone owner also went. At the St. Therese of Carmel in Carmel Valley, while the service was in progress, this person allegedly tried to snap a few pictures of the celebrity in church. Kobe was not very happy with it and grabbed the phone from him. Should he have done that? Well, he should have been allowed to attend the church service in peace too, shouldn’t he? The man went to the hospital for treatment on his wrist – now really, that bit of information needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Perhaps Kobe’s reaction was unjustified. But from the reports, it does not appear as though there was a serious altercation. To draw this incident out and to profit from it seems to be too much of an over-reaction and not likely to generate any sympathy for the alleged “victim,” because first of all, he should have left the basketball player in peace whilst he was in church. To bring the police in and them going on record saying that they hope to speak to Kobe about this seems to be a serious waste of everyone’s time. Or is it not?

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