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Katy Perry California Dreams and the Drama

Earlier this year, Katy Perry had announced Robyn, the Swedish pop star, as her opening act. Ever since, Robyn had been hounded by the media, asking her about her opinion on Katy Perry’s music and it turns out that she did not have any.

Now her silence on the subject was taken as an indication that Robyn did not really like Katy Perry’s music, which makes her opening act for Perry awkward, to say the least.

The interview in question was with Time Out, when Robyn was asked about her plans to open for California Dreams. She explained that it was a great way to get to know Katy Perry’s audience, which was bigger than hers. When she was asked whether she was a fan of Katy Perry, the Swedish star giggled in response.

This jab at Katy Perry has sparked rumors that the singers were arch rivals and Robyn was forced to take a stand to clarify her position. In an interview with MTV, Robyn said, “”I think that girls are always expected to have opinions about each other, and maybe I don’t have an opinion about some things, you know? We’re always expected to have thoughts about what the other person is doing, and I think that’s silly. You very rarely get asked about another guy as a male artist,”

Well, that is a great answer and quite a valid point, don’t you think?

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