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Katy Perry Live in conert her top 5 Moments

Katy Perry’s Top Live Moments

Katy Perry has never been one for subtlety. Her desire to portray glammed up quirkiness is ever-present from her food embellished outfits to the tongue-in-cheek nature of her lyrics. But it is perhaps her live shows that take the cake in campy extravagance. Often a conglomeration of lights, videos, and colorful dancers, these dizzying concerts could easily rival the sensory overload of an acid trip. It would seem impossible then to condense such chaos to a few retrievable highlights, but there are, in fact, many memorable live moments within Perry’s career that deserve recognition.

Katy Perry Live Top Moment – Lakewood High School
After a contest amongst high schools to see who could sing to the pop star’s hit “Roar” the loudest, Lakewood High School was chosen as the winner by Katy Perry herself. They were promptly rewarded with a concert performed by their idol. Plenty of memorable moments were sprinkled throughout the show. Specifically, a jump rope break Perry took during “Roar,” and when she gave two eager fans a kiss on the cheek, sending them into spastic fits of glee.

Katy Perry Live Top Moment – PRISMATIC Pizza
Since cutting gluten out of her diet, Katy Perry seems to find satisfaction in supplying fans with Crust pizza, so that they may enjoy its glutinous goodness in her absence. One such time during her PRISMATIC tour, Perry handed over a fresh pie to a reluctant seven-year-old, whom she plucked from the audience. She managed to induce laughter from the crowd as she quipped, “You probably usually hang out in Fitzroy and you only came tonight because someone had a spare ticket.” Thereby easing the recipient’s nerves.

Katy Perry Live Top Moment – Swinging at the Grammys
While Perry’s split with Russell Brand has long passed, one can’t deny the touching sentiment during her 2011 Grammys concert performance, as she floated dreamlike onto the stage via a giant swing, crooning softly the lyrics to “Not Like the Movies”, whilst previously private footage of her and Brand’s wedding was projected behind her.

Katy Perry Live Top Moment – 2015 Super Bowl
Katy Perry’s performance at the 2015 Super Bowl garnered the highest viewership ever for a half-time performance, with an audience of 118.5 million in the U.S. This actually surpassed the viewership of the Super Bowl itself, which reached an audience of 114.4 viewers. The twelve-minute set was packed with excitement, beginning with Perry’s entrance, straddling atop a giant animatronic lion, and continuing with guest appearances by Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz. Her big moment would come in the finale, however, as she began to levitate, ultimately flying off stage as she belted out her hit “Firework,” leaving the crowd stunned.

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