Jamal Crawford and his GQ interview

Jamal Crawford LA Clippers
Jamal Crawford Los Angeles Clippers

It’s no secret that Jamal Crawford had a roller coaster career up to this point. He has changed 5 teams before landing to LA and has been coached by 16 different ones. Is LA his final destination? Well, depending on what he confessed at an interview for GQ magazine, the Clippers are surely the best team he has ever played in. Now, with a 28-8, he can surely be happy about his choice to join the Clippers and seems to have found the perfect role in the rotation. That at least how he sounded during his interview, stating that he playing with the Clips is the most fun since high school. He pointed out how well bonded the whole team is with each other and they prove it every day with their performance. Despite the newcomers this season, the Clips, with the assistance of Head Coach Vinny Del Negro, have managed to find the perfect role for each member of their roster. In fact they let everyone do what he does best, even if that is coming off the bench to provide 5 vital minutes or starting and carrying the team on his shoulders.

Asked about how it is to play alongside Chris Paul, Crawford really glorified him. He stated that Paul is a true playmaker and has the unique ability to make everyone else on the floor better, because of his panoramic vision and understanding of the game. Also, when asked about the upcoming return of Grant Hill and Chauncey Billups and the possibility of the chemistry to break, he stated that he believes exactly the opposite, meaning that those additions will make the team lethal.

Crawford was never a true starter. In fact he looks like he is born to be a sixth man and that’s when he reaches his best performance, off the bench. That’s what he does also this year and he has managed to be the team’s third leader in scoring. The most important thing is that the coaching stuff has understood his ideal role –and not only his- and can get the most out of him. That, along with many other key factors keep the Clippers on winning track and really put their names on the championship contention this season.

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