iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse Muse Review

The trio from Teignmouth, Devon, wrapped up the iTunes Festival last September 30 at the Roundhouse, and what a finale it is. The series of concerts hosted by Apple lasted all throughout the month of September and the British rock band delivered an exceptional performance to a capacity crowd at the North London venue.

Muse played a 16-song set which was comprised of songs that are well known as well as seven songs from their latest album, the 2nd Law. The venue was limited to the stage setup from the usual larger-than-life and extravagant concert that I attended. Once again, I was impressed by Matthew Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard for their electrifying performance.

They opened their set with Supremacy, a song from their new album, and steadily worked up the crowd with slow but powerful guitar riffs and wailing vocals. After the first song, they gave a shout out to Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page who watched the performance; I was surprised that Page was there as well. From there, Muse showed why they endured as one of the premier UK bands starting from their inception back in 1994 up to this day. Some of my favorite songs such as Supermassive Blackhole and Knights of Cydonia are the best performance for me. Their mellow songs such as Save Me set a contemplative mood to us fans, rendering a more intimate emotions for the band. The song Madness also made apparent the influence of dubstep to their latest album which shows the continuous evolution of their music.

To close the event, Muse encored with the singles New Born, Starlight, and concluded the night with the 2012 London Olympics theme song Survival ending the performance with cheers from the audience as we all enjoyed the show of this epic band.

Muse is currently on tour for in the UK to promote their album, 2nd Law. You can purchase Muse Tickets for their Los Angeles Staples Center show in Jan now.