Its a Bird… Its a Plane…. Its One Direction

One Direction New Album Cover
One Direction New Album Cover

Ok sorry for the bad Superman pun, but you will get what I am talking about when you see the cover for the hugely anticipated second album from UK wonder boys One Direction.
The cover for there second album called Take Me Home sees the boys messing around next to, on top of and inside a phone booth. It does a great job of capturing the bands fun side and I am sure that there millions of fans are just going to eat this up.

Tuesday November 13th will be the day that legions of fans will be cueing up as that is when Take me Home hits store shelves. September 24th will be the premier of the first single Live While We’re Young is heard and it will be available for download on October 1st. Its crazy to think that just a short while ago Louis, Zayn, Niall, Harry and Liam were four strangers who were thrown together on reality TV show X-Factor in the UK.

There rise to the top has been nothing short of amazing. many thought the era of boy bands was gone, but One Direction are proving otherwise. There fun brand of music has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. It is not just music either these guys are plastered on all kinds of merchandise that is flying off store shelves from east to west.

In this day and age when so many musicians are obsessed with being so deep and serious and having there music seen as art. It is really cool to see some nice and down to earth guys who are just having fun. I think that is the main reason why these guys have been so successful and people have really gotten behind these guys.

One Direction will be at the Los Angeles Staples Center on Aug 07 & 8 2013. Tickets for the concert are onsale now.