Is Dwight Howard ready to compete for a championship?

Dwight Howard
Is Dwight Howard ready to compete for a championship?

How serious is Dwight Howard about fighting for a championship? How much does he want it? These might be a tricky question to answer but it might hide some of the team’s problems this season. After a fiasco ejection at Sunday’s game against the Toronto Raptors, many critics started again to talk about Dwight Howard and his commitment to making this team run for another title. In fact many of them stated that the 7-time All-Star might just not be ready yet to compete for a ring at the highest level. He might lack focus. You see, with so much talent in the NBA and so many teams really playing at their best, it takes more than just talent and star power to be a champion. It also takes sacrifices, method and commitment. That’s where Howard might not be 100% focused.

Well, even if his second technical that led to his ejection at the game against the Raptors was underserving, it surely is embarrassing and misleading for the whole team to lose its starting center with just 17 minutes in the game, for any reason. It just breaks the consistency of the team and the momentum of the game. It just doesn’t feel right. Plus Howard really seems like having fun now that he is in LA. All the flashing lights are on him, he lives next to Hollywood and is being watched every home game from Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler and other movie starts. Of course he has every right to enjoy that and pride himself for his success, but he has to make success come to him. You could say that even Lebron and Wade have stopped being so playful and showoffs after their first year in Miami –when they lost the NBA finals to the Dallas Mavericks- and have become stricter and focused on their goal, another ring. Can Howard do the same?
He surely has the physical abilities and the skills to take the Lakers to another level. But I am sure we would all want him to concentrate on helping us win games and at least get to the playoffs. I don’t know if it will take a catastrophe season for us to understand that we won’t be gifted any playoff spot or any wins just because we are the Lakers. We might not even have so many stars in our roster next season. One thing is for sure. To be successful in the NBA, you need to give your heart and soul to the game. You need to love the game. And Dwight needs to understand this and make it an everyday lesson.

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