Best Seats Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Dodgers Game

Best Seats Impressing a Guest Dodger Stadium Dodgers Game

Dodger Stadium: Best Seats Impressing a guest!

Our guide for Best Seats Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium at a Dodgers Game.

Exhibition: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels
Exhibition: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Los Angeles Angels
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Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. St. Louis Cardinals
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Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants
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Dugout Clubs Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium

Dodger Dugout Club seats at Dodger Stadium are the best seats for impressing your guest. Dugout Clubs are among the priciest seats; they also feature premium amenities.

Luxuriously cushioned seats, in-seat dining, and beverage service. Access to the Dugout Club Lounge with an inclusive buffet.

Dodger Dugout Club seats are no more than nine rows from the baseball field. Dugout Club seats are behind home plate and offer some of the best views of the entire game.

Sitting in the Club seats also puts you in the midst of the some of the most prominent celebrities and athletes taking in a Dodgers game in these select seats.

Recommended Impressing a guest Dugout Club Seat Locations.

Impressing a guest  Dodger Stadium Dugout Club
Dugout Club Section 15 Dodger Stadium
  • Dodgers Dugout Club seats are extremely close to all the action.
  • Dugout Club Sections 9DC, 11DC, 13DC, and 15DC are the closest seats to the Dodgers Dugout.
  • Dodger Stadium Section 15 Dugout Club is perfect for shade as well as the opportunity to catch a foul ball.
  • Sections 6DC, 8DC, 10DC Dugout Clubs are closest to the visitor’s Dugout.
Dodger Stadium Dugout Club section 7
Dodger Dugout Club Section 7.
  • While you cant go wrong with any sections or seats in the Dodgers Dugout Club, sections 7DC – 15DC will give a better angle to see the pitcher, catcher, and batter.

Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Baseline Club

Dodger Stadium baseline club seats
Baseline Club Dodger Stadium

Another perfect option for making a lasting impression is the Dodger Stadium Baseline Club seats down the Dodgers third base line. (Sections 27, 31, 33, 35, and 37, look for rows 1-6).

Baseline Club Seats on the third base at Dodger Stadium are near the Dodger Dugout, and you are exceptionally close to all the action on the field.

The actual Baseline Club Seats are one of the widest of any seats inside the stadium. The ledge in front of your seat is a welcoming accommodation.

These seats also come with in-seat wait service as well as access to the all-inclusive and private Baseline Club lounge.

Recommended Impressing a guest Baseline Club Seat Locations.

  • Dodger Stadium Baseline Club section 27 is closest to the Dodgers Dugout as well as the first section past Dugout Clubs.
  • Section 27 rows 1-6 will impress your guest, and won’t break the bank compared to Dugout Club seats.
  • Baseline sections 27, 31, 33 rows 1-6 have excellent sightlines for the game.
  • The seats in these sections offer the widest seats in the stadium.
Baseline Club Food Dodger Stadium
Baseline Club
  • Access to the all-inclusive Dodger Stadium Baseline Club lounge.
Dodger Stadium baseline seats
Chance to get a ball in the Baseline Seats
  • Dodger Stadium baseline seats are so close there is a good chance to get a baseball tossed your way..
Baseline Club seats dodger stadium first base
Baseline Club Seats First Base Side
  • During day games or late afternoon, we recommend third base side as the sun can be brutal on the first base side.

Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Loge Seats

Loge 101 Dodger Stadium seating view
Section 101 Loge Dodger Stadium

The highly overlooked number three on our Dodger Stadium Best seats to impress your guest list is the Loge sections 101-108, Rows A-E.

While Dodger Stadium Loge sections 101-108 do not feature all the amenities of high priced Club seats, they also won’t break the bank.

The Loge sections and seats offer an excellent spot in which to watch the Dodgers game.

You’ll have exceptional all-around views of the baseball field. The elevated Loge Level offers optimal site-lines as well as seating height overlooking the entire ballpark.

The rows in these sections are nine seats across in each row. Much more comfortable and easier to get in and out of your seats.

Recommended Impressing a guest Dodger Stadium Loge Locations.

  • Dodger Stadium Loge 101 row A offers a centered fantastic view of the entire field, as well as scoreboards, and mountains in the background.
  • For loge seating, look for sections 101- 129 rows A-E to be inside the infield, Dodgers side. While even-numbered sections 102-130 are still very good, during the day the sun can be brutal.
  • Loge sections 101-130 all offer stunning overall views and are elevated to an ideal seating height as well as they are much less expensive then Baseline Clubs and Dugout Club.
dodger stadium fireworks loge box
Fireworks Night Dodger Stadium
  • Dodger Stadium Loge Level sections are perfect seats for Firework nights at Dodger Stadium.

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There is a possibility of the Dodgers expanding the netting out past sections Dugout Club sections 7 and 4.

The best seats for getting a ball at Dodger Stadium.

What seats are shaded at Dodger Stadium during a day game?


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