How to Prepare for a Concert

Get Ready to Rock! How to Prepare for a Concert

You just scored tickets to an amazing concert! Now what? Read through this guide to find out how to prepare for a concert in 2022.

Did you know that the U.S. is considered one of the most musical countries in the world?

It’s not surprising considering the US vinyl record market, the popularity of streaming services, and the country’s globally successful musical acts (e.g., Billie Eilish, My Chemical Romance, Motley Crue).

If you’re a music lover and don’t know how to prepare for a concert, you’re in the right place. Continue reading to learn some tips for the best experience.

Preparing For a Concert: Picking Comfortable Clothes

Before going to your first gig, one of the main things you need to know is that comfortable clothes make all the difference.

Gigs can be tiring. If you’re in the general admission area and want a good spot, you have to wait in long lines, watch the opening act, and then wait for the stage to be set up for the main band.

So, while it’s tempting to dress fashionably, avoid heels (including platforms) and open-toed shoes. Also, stay away from sequin clothes: you need to dress comfortably.

You’ll have a long night ahead of you, one that will be memorable. So, opt for a bum bag, comfortable bottoms (like high-waisted jeans or pants), and a t-shirt. Just bring what’s necessary (e.g., cellphone, tickets, money, keys). That’s all you need to have a great experience.

Research Before You Purchase

Before buying tickets for your first concert, look at the types of seating views available (in case you’re not purchasing general admission tickets). Most standard outdoor or indoor concerts offer reserved seating options, and some sections are closer to the stage.

Pay attention to the ticket quantity available (so if you’re attending the gig with friends, you can sit together), seats with obstructed or limited views, or located behind or on the side of the stage. Ultimately, certify you pick a place you’re happy with.

Get To the Concert Early

One of the benefits of buying general admission tickets is the chance of getting close to the band and stage without paying extra money. Yet, you must get to the venue’s concert queue hours before for a potential front row space.

Just remember that several concertgoers will make a point at arriving earlier to get a good spot. So, the earlier, the better!

Consider Studying the Setlist

You might consider studying the setlist when preparing for your first concert.

Sure, you might be the type of fan who doesn’t want to know what the band will play. However, if you’re planning to sing along to every song, it’s best to find out the setlist ahead of the gig.

Keep in mind that while there are reliable ways to find the setlist, that doesn’t apply to all the musical acts. For instance, artists such as Dave Matthews Band and Phish are known for making each gig performance unique.

Ultimately, most artists opt to stick to a pre-set tour setlist with minimal to no variation, so your effort of learning it beforehand won’t go in vain.

Play Safe

While going paperless is great for the planet, mobile devices aren’t reliable. If your phone dies while you’re queuing, you won’t be able to show your tickets.

So, play safe, print your tickets at home, and take them to the event. You can always recycle paper later on.

Here’s an extra tip: check out if you’re required to bring a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination for entry into the venue.

Take a Few Pictures

Seeing a live show is remarkable. It’s not something you do every day. So try to capture some moments (a picture or two is fine).

Regardless of whether you enjoyed the artist’s performance or not, you’ll eventually want to look back and reminisce about your first gig. Are you worried about damaging your phone? Then buy an inexpensive disposable camera. Trust me: it’s worth documenting your experience.

Here’s a tip to enhance your photo skills before attending the concert: take a look at photography sites and YouTubers. They’ll help ensure that you can still take a nice shot despite being in an environment that doesn’t offer the ideal elements (poor lighting and movement).

Don’t Get Violent

When concertgoers get carried away, they might push and elbow you (maybe they want your spot, or they’re doing things to get to the front row).

It can be tempting to ”fight back”, but you don’t need to start an embarrassing, unnecessary altercation. Both of you might even get kicked out because of it.

Plus, many times, people don’t do it on purpose. Think about it: there’s a lot of movement in the crowd, and space is limited in venues. So, focus on enjoying the concert and stay safe.

Keep Some Breathing Room

Protect your own space to enjoy the gig as much as possible. Try to spread your legs shoulder-width apart. This way, you’ll keep some breathing room.

The point is to avoid getting squeezed and pushed. Hold the barrier if you’re at the front and stand your ground.

How to Prepare For a Concert

Now that you know how to prepare for a concert, take a look at your favorite artist’s tour dates and get ready to watch them perform.

Gigs can be a magical, transcending, and exciting experience. So, wear a comfortable outfit, print your ticket, queue early for a good view, and have fun! After enjoying a concert, you’ll want to go to another one!

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