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Do you know how much are NBA Cleveland Cavaliers worth?

How much are Cleveland Cavaliers worth?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have never been one of the highest value teams in the league. Even in Lebron’s first stunt with the Cavs, the highest value the team could muster was $477 million, and that was in 2009, just one year before Lebron James left the team. After he left, the value of the Cavaliers went down. So how much are the Cleveland Cavaliers worth now?

But it seems that with the return of Lebron James, and with the championship ring now won, the Cavaliers are headed for higher ground. Forbes ranked the Cavaliers No.12 in value for 2016, estimating that the team is worth $1.1 billion.

The return of Lebron James to the Cleveland Cavaliers

how much are NBA Cleveland Cavaliers worth

An interesting aspect when you check the history of the value of the Cavaliers is that the team was valued at $515 million just before Lebron rejoined. That was in 2014, which is the highest value the Cavs have achieved without Lebron James. It is like Forbes was expecting Lebron will join the Cavaliers.

The year after Lebron James joined, the Cavs were valued at $915 million, and now they are valued at $1.1 billion. When Lebron rejoined the team, the Cavaliers didn’t raise the prices for tickets for the 2014-2015 season, but the arena revenue surged thanks to increased attendance and higher sponsorship deals.

Of course, Lebron helped the Cavaliers sell more merchandise as well.

The San Antonio Spurs are ranked No.11 on the list for 2016, and the Heat are ranked No.10. With the rise of the Cavaliers, especially after the team won the championship, we can expect a different list at the beginning of 2017.

Cleveland Cavaliers worth in numbers

The breakdown of the Cavaliers value shows that Forbes estimates the market is worth $429 million, the brand is valued at just $159 million, while the stadium is worth $248 million. The remaining $282 million go to sports value, which is the players and the team in general.

Lebron James increases the Cleveland Cavaliers worth

You can say Lebron James made Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert a ton of money. Gilbert purchased the team in 2005 for $375 million. Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is ranked first.

Since then, the price of his team has tripled, and it will go only up from here on now. If Dan Gilbert decides to sell the team one day, he can sure make some profit out of it.

Current List Of NBA Teams Worth

As of Nobember 6, 2016 here is the list of NBA teams worth according to Forbes.
#1 New York Knicks $3 Billion.
#2 Los Angeles Lakers $2.7 Billion.
#3 Chicago Bulls $2.3 Billion.
#4 Boston Celtics $2.1 Billion.
#5 Los Angeles Clippers $2 Billion.
#6 Golden State Warriors $1.9 Billion.
#7 Brooklyn Nets $1.7 Billion.
#8 Houston Rockets $1.5 Billion.
#9 Dallas Mavericks $1.4 Billion.
#10 Miami Heat $1.3 Billion.
#11 San Antonio Spurs $1.15 Billion.
#12 Cleveland Cavaliers $1.1 Billion.
#13 Phoenix Suns $1 Billion.
#14 Toronto Raptors $980 Million.
#15 Portland Trail Blazers $975 Million.
#16 Washington Wizards $960 Million.
#17 Oklahoma City Thunder $950 Million.
#18 Sacramento Kings $925 Million.
#19 Orlando Magic $900 Million.
#20 Utah Jazz $875 Million.
#21 Denver Nuggets $855 Million.
#22 Detroit Pistons $850 Million.
#23 Indiana Pacers $840 Million.
#24 Atlanta Hawks $825 Million.
#25 Memphis Grizzlies $780 Million.
#26 Charlotte Hornets $750 Million.
#27 Minnesota Timberwolves $720 Million.
#28 Philadelphia 76ers $700 Million.
#29 Milwaukee Bucks $675 Million.
#30 New Orleans Pelicans $650 Million.

According to Lebron James is ranked second in top selling jerseys for the NBA followed by the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant at number three, the New York Knicks’ Kristaps Porzingis at number four, who earned a spot on the list for the first time after a sensational start to his rookie season. The number one selling NBA jersey is Stephen Curry.

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