Guide to the Best Hollywood Bowl Seats - and the Types

Whatcha Got? A Guide to the Best Hollywood Bowl Seats – and the Types

Over the course of 100 years, the Hollywood Bowl has become the premier place to see a performance in the LA area. If you’re excited about an upcoming visit favorite band, artist, or just an event, you want to get your tickets as early as possible. However, if you don’t know what to look for, you’re going to struggle to find the right seats to suit your needs.

Here is everything you need to know about getting tickets for your next event at the bowl.

Getting To Know The Bowl

When it comes to all the venues in Los Angeles, the Hollywood Bowl is one of people’s favorite for concerts. If you’re going to watch any major act, artists, or performance, this outdoor venue is one of the premier places to enjoy the culture. The seating layout is a little challenging if you’ve never been there before.

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The Hollywood Bowl seating chart isn’t purposely confusing, but it’s meant to give a physical representation of what you’re looking at.

Between the regular rows and seats, all the terrace locations, and box seating, you’ll start to get confused quickly. There is also pool seating and even something called super seating. Scoring the right seat at the right price is a challenge but still possible depending on when you buy and what the event is.

One thing to know is that Hollywood Bowl seating numbers are not consecutive. It might be a little bit counter-intuitive but once you start looking at how the venue is mapped out, you’ll start to understand.

The seats are broken up between odd and even-numbered seating. If you get two seats that sound like there’s one seat between them, don’t panic. They might be right next to one another.

Pool Circle Seating

At the Hollywood Bowl, the seats closest to the stage are called the Pool Circle. This seating looks different based on the type of event but for the average concert, it consists of seven rows of folding chairs.

If you’re going to a philanthropic event, the pool circle is going to look a bit different. You’ll find that there are boxes much like other areas of the venue there. The Garden and Terrace boxes are going to look very similar to the style of seating in the pool circle at an event like this.

If there is a box set up there when you arrive, you’ll see there’s a much more upscale menu at that location than you have at the rest of the venue.

The semi-circular stage that wraps behind the pool circle isn’t used for every kind of event, but some performers use it. It’s hard to predict who is going to use that space during their performance, but keep it in mind that it’s a possibility when choosing these seats.

Garden Boxes

When you’re looking for a space that’s close to the stage, you’ll find that the garden boxes are the second closest to the stage aside from the pool circle. Boxes make a performance enjoyable by giving you the potential for a unique experience of dining, beverages, and a great view of the show. You and your friends get the chance to enjoy the show from an ideal location when you get tickets here.

Each box is a group of either four or six collapsible chairs. In some cases, there are three or five chairs depending on the event. Tables are brought out for you to set up as needed but they work better at the edges so you can watch the show from the point closest to the stage.

Tables fold up quickly and easily so that you can face the stage as soon as the show starts.

If you buy box tickets on the secondary market, you might end up sharing the space with strangers. It’s an intimate space that gives you a nice view, but if you want the box all to yourself, you need to order directly from a ticket vendor. The secondary market isn’t the choice if you want to get the most intimate box experience.

Terrace Boxes

Right behind the Garden boxes, the Hollywood Bowl terrace boxes offer a similar experience. They have a similar layout but with a slightly different experience.

Here you get some intimacy but you also get to bring your own food and drink. Every box even comes equipped with a holder for a wine bottle. If you want a relaxed version of the Garden box seating, this is the choice for you.

Some people really make the most of their Terrace box experience. You can arrive with a tablecloth, different bottles of wine, and a large cheese spread if you’d like. Some people don’t bring anything at all and rely on nearby concessions.

However, if you’re just going for the music and not the romantic experience, consider bench seating. You’ll be paying extra for Terrace boxes and may not get anything more out of the experience than you would otherwise.

The Best Seats in the House

If you’re looking for the best seats in the house, the Hollywood Bowl super seats are what you should aim for. These seats offer a lot of comforts that you don’t find on other seats. From a great location right at the heart of the bowl, you get to relax in comfort.

Bench Seats

There are big wooden bench seats that have backs. Check out a map to see the breakdown of these many rows of seating.

The Hollywood Bowl Has No Bad Seats

The design of the Hollywood Bowl ensures that there are no truly bad seats when you’re looking for a place to sit for the next big event. If you look carefully at the map and check out all the online ticket sellers, you’ll find lots of options in your price range.

If you’re perusing different venues for which would be the best place to see a show in LA, check out our guide to what’s happening at the Bowl.

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