Green Day Setlist Revolution Radio Tour

Green Day Set list Revolution Radio Tour 2016-2017 Amazing!

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Green day is released their twelfth studio album “Revolution Radio” and will be heading out on tour.

Revolution Radio debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with 95,000 album equivalent units, of which 90,000 were album sales.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has confirmed that Green day will be unveiling a run of live shows damn shortly.

Green Day Setlist Revolution Radio Tour

Green Day Bang Bang Live for the first time Columbus Ohio 9-26-16

The Green Day Revolution Radio Tour set list from their concert at The Pageant, St. Louis, MO.
Know Your Enemy.
Bang Bang.
Revolution Radio.
Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
Armatage Shanks.
Welcome to Paradise.
Geek Stink Breath.
Going to Pasalacqua.
Christie Road.
Hitchin’ a Ride.
Are We the Waiting.
St. Jimmy.
When I Come Around.
Basket Case.
King for a Day.
Shout / The Kids Are Alright / (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction / Hey Jude.
Still Breathing.
Forever Now.

American Idiot.
Jesus of Suburbia.

Encore 2:
Ordinary World.

Green days last world tour was the 99 Revolutions Tour from March 10, 2013, through November 19, 2013.

The 99 Revolutions Tour lasted forty-eight shows, with sixteen concerts in the US.

Green Day concert Live 2016 at KROQ (Full Concert)

You can check out the average Green day setlist 99 Revolutions Tour.

1) 99 Revolutions
2) Know Your Enemy
3) Stay the Night
4) Stop When the Red Lights Flash
5) Letterbomb
6) Oh Love
7) Holiday
8) Boulevard of Broken Dreams
9) Stray Heart
10) Burnout
11) Waiting
12) Hitchin’ a Ride
13) Welcome to Paradise
14) Going to Pasalacqua
15) Brain Stew
16) Longview
17) When I Come Around
18) St. Jimmy
19) Basket Case
20) She
21) King for a Day
22) X-Kid
23) Minority

24) American Idiot
25) Jesus of Suburbia
26) Brutal Love

The boys have released thirty-nine music videos and forty-one singles since 1986.

Here is the total Green Day setlist based on how many times the band has played each song in concert.

Green Day iHeartRadio 2016 FULL SHOW

1) Longview 735 times.
2) Basket Case 695 times.
3) She 618 times.
4) Hitchin’ a Ride 565 times.
5) Brain Stew 560 times.
6) Jaded 530 times.
7) Welcome to Paradise 527 times.
8) Minority 513 times.
9) King for a Day 506 times.
10) Knowledge (Operation Ivy cover) 504 times.
11) When I Come Around 500 times.
12) Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) 500 times.
13) American Idiot 406 times.
14) Holiday 375 times.
15) St. Jimmy 375 times.
16) 2000 Light Years Away 370 times.
17) Boulevard of Broken Dreams 360 times.
18) Jesus of Suburbia 351 times.
19) Are We the Waiting 297 times.
20) Wake Me Up When September Ends 254 times.

Upcoming Green Day Concerts

Green Day – Live – When I Come Around @ Aragon Ballroom Chicago, IL 10.23.16

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