Golden State Warriors

Do you know how the Golden State Warriors got their name?

Do you know how the Golden State Warriors got their name?

Philadelphia Warriors logo
Philadelphia Warriors

To understand why the team from Golden State is called the Warriors, we first must go back in history to see where the team came from. The Warriors haven’t always played in Oakland. The team started in Philadelphia. Founded in 1946, the owner Peter A. Tyrrell wanted to give the team a name from an old basketball team. And like that, the Philadelphia Warriors were formed. The team played in Philadelphia until 1962, when Franklin Miuelli purchased the team, and moved it to the West Coast.

Before the 1962-1963 NBA season, the Warriors moved to San Francisco but kept the name Warriors. They only changed the city calling themselves the “San Francisco Warriors. The current name, Golden State Warriors, was born before the 1971-72 NBA season when the Warriors started exclusively using Oakland Arena as the home floor.

San Francisco's Warriors logo
SF Warriors logo 1962-69

The name Golden State Warriors was chosen as a way to represent the entire state of California. During the 71-72 season, the Warriors played 0 games in San Francisco, six games in San Diego, and the rest in Oakland.

Why are the Golden State Warriors are called the “dubs”?

Many teams in the NBA have a nickname, but usually, the nickname is easy to figure out on your own. In most cases, the nickname is just a shorter version of the original name. For example, Cavs for Cavaliers, Mavs for Mavericks and so on. In the case of the Warriors, the same principle applies, but in a different manner.

Golden State Warriors logo
Warriors Logo

The nickname Dubs was born in the early 1990s. The team was having playoff success after a while. In the 1990-1991 season, they made it to the Conference Semifinals and then lost in the first round in 92 and 94. Nevertheless, the younger fans of the franchise wanted to give the team a nickname. They decided the same principle, shortening the word “Warriors.” Fans started pronouncing the name of the team as “W’s.” Shortly after, the “W” from Warriors was changed to the proper pronunciation, which is “dub-a-u.” And then, the term “dub” was born. The term “dubs” caught fire with the younger generation, and even the fans started referring themselves as dubs. So in a way, the Warriors name is shortened as the Cavs and Mavs are, but with a twist.

Why Golden State Warriors are called “dub nation”?

the city logo golden state warriors logo
The City Logo

We touched the topic in the previous question, but let’s go deeper into it. The term Dub Nation refers to the collective whole of fans that are rooting for the Golden State Warriors. Every fan of the team is part of the Dub Nation. Fans called themselves “Dubs,” and shortly after they thought of “forming a nation,” the “dub nation.” They used the same abbreviation for the collective whole as they used for the Warriors. Therefore, instead of “”Warriors Nation,” the fans are “The Dub Nation.”
Why are the Warriors called “The City”?

You’ve probably seen the retro jerseys that the Warriors wear from time to time, and the term “The City” is embodied in them. warriors the city jersey Stephen Curry The term refers to the town of San Francisco, the city that was the second home of the Warriors when they relocated from the East to the West coast. The jerseys with “The City” logo were brought back in the 2000s as part of the whole throwback uniform program by the NBA. At the end of the 2016 regular NBA season, it was announced that Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry had the number one selling NBA Jersey for the season followed by Kobe Bryant second and Lebron James third for the second year in a row.

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  4. “Dubs” is W’s ie Warriors also used for “wins “ in some circle ie “ getting a Dub” among other street meanings . But essentially it’s for the “W” in Warriors

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