For Baseball Lovers Who Also Love Books

So, if you love baseball and you are a bibliophile, this is must-have book for your home library.

Read Flip Flop Flyball, an infographic baseball adventure. You will learn many useful and not-so-useful things such how tall A-Rod’s annual salary in pennies will be, what Nolan Ryan has to do with Mariah Carey etc. Perhaps you may never have asked those questions, but with Craig Robinson’s Flip Flop Fly Ball, you will know all that you ever wanted to know about baseball and then some more.

According to Robinson, baseball is more than just sport. It was a slice of American history and had humongous amount of statistics which just begged to be organized. Robinson realized earlier on that understanding baseball to the extent that he wanted was just not possible by mere reading of baseball articles or just by watching the game. So he started a website that featured highly entertaining and informative infographics that became hugely popular among baseball lovers. It is out of Robinson’s website that the book took shape.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the game, its rivalries, cities, ball parks, the absurdities and hilarious moments, this book may be just the right pick for you.

So how tall would A-Rod’s annual salary in pennies be?

Ans: 26,000 miles.