Farmers Field Letter to Fans

Downtown L.A. will soon have three venues capable of hosting the biggest names in music and entertainment.

Farmers Field is coming to Los Angeles in just a few years. But this week, our political leaders in Sacramento will vote on a bill that would make the stadium the most environmentally friendly in the United States and ensure thousands of jobs can start coming to our city next year.

This makes Farmers Field even better for the L.A. community – which is why I’m asking you to contact the swing votes in the California Assembly and Senate to urge them to support the bill.

Ask the swing votes in the California Assembly and Senate to support the Farmers Field bill:

The proposed legislation would make Farmers Field one of the only carbon neutral stadiums in the United States. It would also set up the stadium to have the lowest “cars to football game ticket holders” ratio in the NFL.

And the legislation also protects Farmers Field’s thousands of jobs from being delayed by frivolous lawsuits aimed at derailing the project.

Whether you’re eagerly anticipating Los Angeles’ new NFL team, or cheering for your favorite musical act at a brand-new downtown outdoor venue, this bill will help keep Farmers Field on track to break ground next year.

Tell the swing votes in the California Assembly and senate that you support the Farmers Field bill:

Thank you, Tim Leiweke President & CEO AEG

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