Eric Bledsoe to participate in Dunk Contest during the All Star weekend

Eric Bledsoe 2013 Slam Dunk Contest
Eric Bledsoe to participate in Dunk Contest during the All Star weekend

Los Angeles will have another representative during the All-Star weekend. Eric Bledsoe will travel alongside with his teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest. The league has officially announced the names of the participants for the 2013 Slam Dunk Contest and the young guard from Kentucky will try to impress the crowd with his dunking skills and his athletic abilities.
The other contestants will be Gerald Green from the Golden State Warriors, Terrence Ross from the Toronto Raptors, James White from the New York Knicks, Jeremy Evans from the Utah Jazz and Kenneth Faried from the Denver Nuggets. From a first glimpse at the names on the table, one could say that it should be a spectacular and powerful contest. We’ve seen some great in-game slams from all of these players during this season.

Regarding Bledsoe, apart from winning his NBA All-Rookie Second Team back in 2011, it will be his first chance to win an individual title and also an opportunity to feel some of the pace of the NBA All-Star game. He surely deserves to be there, and he has been one of the most enjoying players to watch this season, not only because of his dunks but also because of the continuing improvement of his game. Many have stated that Bledsoe is a young star rising and the truth is that during Chris Paul’s absence he’s playing like one. Entering the Slam Dunk Contest will be a great experience for him, and despite the great opponents he’ll face, let’s all that he brings home a trophy.

Bledsoe is the shortest amongst all the six competitors, and this might be an advantage because both judges and the crowd like it when quick players can lift and deliver amazing dunks, equal or even better than the taller ones. What Bledsoe lacks in height he certainly gains in athleticism and jumping ability, and he has all the potential to win it all.