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How much are Dodgers Ticket prices at Dodger Stadium?

How much are Dodgers Ticket prices at Dodger Stadium?

The average Dodgers Tickets price for a home game at the Dodger Stadium is currently $88.00 per ticket. The average get’in price is $17.00 per ticket. The average dugout price is $532.00 per ticket.

Average Dodgers Tickets Prices 2018 at the Dodger Stadium

Here is a look at the average Dodgers Tickets prices for their 2018 schedule of games at the Los Angeles Dodger Stadium.

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Seating Chart with Dodgers Ticket Prices

The Dodgers Seating Chart reflects an average game during the regular season. Ticket prices can fluctuate depending on the visiting team, Dodgers Promotional Item giveaway or playoff race.
Dodgers seating chart with prices

Most Expensive LA Dodgers Games 2018 season

Opening Day
The most expensive home Dodgers game of the 2018 season is April 3, 2018, otherwise known as Opening Day. 2018 Opening Day Dodgers ticket prices start at $105.00 per ticket in section 58 reserve. Dodger Dugout seats for Opening Day currently range from $1,155.00 to $1,375.00 per ticket.

Opening Day at Dodger Stadium

Dodgers vs. Cubs
The most expensive home game series during the Dodgers 2018 regular season will be May 26th – May 28th against the Chicago Cubs. Get’in the Stadium tickets start at $22.00 per ticket. Dugout Seats start at $809.00 per ticket. The average Dodgers ticket price against the Cubs is $90.00 per ticket.

Vin Scully Ceremony
The most expensive single game during the 2018 Dodger regular season home games is on May 3, 2018, against the San Francisco Giants. This game includes the “Vin Scully Ceremony.” Tickets start at $53.00 per ticket. Dugout seats run as high as $963.00 per seat.

Dodger Fans Get Emotional At Vin Scully Appreciation Day

Dodgers Promotional Giveaway games

Clayton Kershaw Bobblehead Spot

Dodgers Promotional Giveaway games including Bobblehead nights, merchandise and ceremony nights average fifteen to twenty percent more than nonpromotional giveaway games.

Adrian Gonzalez Bobblehead

Least expensive Dodgers games during 2018 season.

The lowest Dodgers ticket prices on the 2018 schedule for games at the Dodger Stadium are against the Los Angeles Angels, Atlanta Braves, St Louis Cardinals, Arizona D-Backs, New York Mets and seven other games currently start at $7.00 per ticket.

Barry’s Savings Tip: Los Angeles Dodgers home games played earlier in the during the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) can be thirty percent cheaper than Weekend Dodgers games.

Note: Los Angeles Dodgers ticket prices fluctuate almost daily, for the most accurate prices, please visit our Dodgers page and click on the game that you are you would like to attend.

The Dodgers finished 2017 first place< in the National League West. The Dodgers also finished first in attendance at Dodger Stadium with a total attendance of 3,703,312 fans.

Dodger Stadium Secrets

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