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Dodgers Dugout Club The Best Seats In Dodger Stadium

What are Dodgers Dugout Club Seats?

Dodgers Dugout Club TicketsIf you are looking for VIP treatment at Dodgers Game, then these Dodgers Dugout Club Seats are for you!

The Dodgers Dugout Club seats put you so close to the action that you will feel like you’re on the team.

The Dodgers Dugout Club seats run from the Visitors all the way to the Dodgers Dugout so no matter if you’re sitting behind the team or behind home plate, there is no closer seating anywhere in Dodger Stadium.

Dodgers Dugout Club seats that let you hear the pop of the catcher’s glove, players and managers argue with ump’s, watching the on-deck batter swinging the bat and of course any sliding play at home right there to see everything.

How Much Are Dodgers Dugout Club Tickets

On average Dodgers Dugout Club Tickets run from $429.00 to $529.00 per ticket.

Most expensive Dodgers Dugout Club Tickets
Dodgers Opening Day Tickets are the most expensive game for Dugout Club Seats. Dugout Clubs for Dodgers Opening Day average $909.00 to $1,277 per ticket.
Dodgers Dugout Club Tickets prices can vary depending on demand and inventory. For the most accurate prices please click Tickets than select the Dodgers game you are interested in.

View Dodgers Dugout Club

Dodgers Dugout Club

You will be amazed just how green the field is up that close and with that first whiff of the grass you will feel the excitement and goose bumps begin.

What do your Dodgers Lexus Dugout Club Tickets come with?

The Dodgers Dugout Club | Dodgers Hit Four Home Runs

Dugout Club Tickets DodgersFirst off you get a private entrance and access the best seats in the house, as well as a free program and game notes.

On the way to your, Dugout Club seats you can grab water, some peanuts, popcorn or even box of cracker jacks. If it’s hot or cold outside they can have hot or cold towels handed to you.

The actual Dugout Club seats themselves have extra cushioned seating which helps a lot during those extra innings as well as wider than regular seats. Each Club seat has a unique cup holder where you can put your food tray into it so you can sit and eat without having to put your plate on your lap.

Lexus Dugout Club tickets dodgers Want a beer or hot dog but don’t want to miss the action? Dugouts come with an in-seat waiter or waitress service.

The menus for the in-seat service are the same food items that you can get inside at the Levy Restaurant Buffet but also can have stuff you can’t get inside such as Nachos, Chicken Fingers and some other items depending on the day).

You also get access to private restrooms away from the rest of the crowd. Usually, there is no line at all as well as the bathrooms themselves are immaculate.

Dodgers buffet at dugout clubHungry? The Dodgers Lexus Dugout Club Tickets come with access to some amazing food because you get complimentary access to the Levy Restaurants buffet which can include a huge variety of different types of meat, salads, candy, snacks, amazing deserts as well as Dodger Dogs of course.

When is the last time you have gone to a Dodgers Game and enjoyed grilled pineapple, hearts of palm with beets salad, prime rib, duck, carved sirloin, stir fry, cod, potatoes, and topped it off with a slice of New York Cheesecake?

You can even stock up on everything then walk out to your seats and enjoy the game there are also monitors everywhere with the game on and some of them also show other big games that might be on as well.

“Everything was FREE in the Dodgers Dugout Club! I probably ate 5 Dodger Dogs, nachos, ice cream, tons of candy and fries without leaving my seat” – Michelle R

Lexus Dugout Club DesertsYes, all the food and soft drinks are fee but you do have to pay for alcohol in the Dodgers Dugout Club.

The Levy Restaurant Buffet starts to pack everything up at the 8th inning so if you’re going to make one more run make sure you get there by the 7th inning otherwise some of your favorite goodies might be gone.

Celebrities at the Dodgers Game

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Dodgers Game.

Besides being within a few free from all the professional baseball player on the field, you also have one of the best chances to get autographs from players and sometimes the famous selfie pictures with as well.

With the entrance being in between both the Dodgers Dugout Club and Visitors Dugout you will notice some fans line up to get autographs as players leave the field.

Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher dodgersSitting in the Dodgers Dugout Club seats is an excellent opportunity to see players from the past. Tommy Lasorda sighting and signing autographs, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey and other past Dodgers.

Other sports players such as former Laker and now Dodgers owner Magic Johnson, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Alisa Milano, Ashton Kutcher & Milia Kunis, Ice Cube and many other A-list celebrities and superstars.”Excuse me, Cristiano can you please pass the salt where else than in Los Angeles and at a Dodgers game would you get the chance to ask that.

You can also tell your friends to that there will be a high chance that you will be on TV when you sit in Dodgers Dugout Club seats during the game.

Hobnobbing with the stars because you will be behind home plate or behind the dugouts where the players go in and out, so you have a great chance of being spotted on TV.

Final Advice

Los Angeles Dodgers Dugout Club Experience plus fireworks

If possible you might want to get to Dodger Stadium about an hour before the game starts this way you can watch batting practice, a good opportunity to snap some great pic’s and maybe an autograph or two then have a nice meal all before the first pitch. Then go into the air-conditioned Lexus Dodgers Dugout Club periodically to escape the LA heat and stock up on munchies.

Dodgers Dugout Club Tickets

Dodgers Lexus Dugout Club Seats

You can purchase Dodgers Tickets for the Dugout Club with from Barry’s Tickets online or feel free to call our office at (866) 708-8499 and speak with an actual representative who has been to the Dugout Club and help you with any questions you might have.BY: Chris M.

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  1. Dugout Club seats encompass the first nine rows behind home plate and span the width of the two dugouts. You are so close to the action that depending on where you are seated you can see into the dugouts, hear conversations at home plate and maybe even catch a game ball gently tossed by a smiling player. It s at about this point that you fully comprehend that you are sitting in the best seats in all of baseball.

  2. Hi my name is Anthony Dwyer & we are 5 x adults Travelling to Los Angeles from Australia for my 40th Birthday & we want to catch a Dodgers game as none of us have ever been to a MLB game before. We want to see the game on 7th July, 2016 & was wondering if any Dugout club seats are available for 1 off games? Also how much would it cost for 5 off us to go. If these are not available can you advise us what is the next best options for us to have some decent seats as I want it to be a good experience for all of us. Thanks

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