Tour of Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium Tours should be on Dodger fans bucket list

Dodger Stadium Tours a unique look behind the scenes.

Dodger Stadium Tours provide Los Angeles fans the opportunity to see the baseball ballpark uniquely.

Since 1962, Los Angeles Dodger Stadium has welcomed baseball-loving fans from all corners of the world and enchanted them with its astonishing views and its celebrated past.

This 56,000-seat capacity Dodger Stadium is an icon of American sports lore.

The ballpark has become home to some of the most significant MLB players in baseball history as well as home to the best fans in all of Major League Baseball.

This behind-the-scenes Dodger Stadium tour lets Los Angeles fans visit some of the most restricted and non-public areas of the baseball stadium and see the ballpark from a whole new perspective.

As baseball’s third-oldest baseball ballpark, Los Angeles Dodger Stadium remains one of the game’s most beautiful and most historic venues in all of the major leagues.

Dodger Stadium Pregame Tour

Experience an exclusive Dodger Stadium tour before the start of the Dodgers home game! This stadium tour runs for approximately 45 minutes. The pregame tour may include the chance visits to:

Club Level Memorabilia Hall at Dodger Stadium highlighting the story of Dodgers baseball.

dodger stadium tours lexus dugout club
Dodger Stadium Lexus Dugout Club

An exclusive look at the Dodger Stadium Lexus Dugout Club, and lounge behind home plate.

The Lexus Club at Dodger Stadium is home to the Dodgers World Series trophies.

Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tours
Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tours

Fans also get to see the teams Most Valuable Player (MVP), Cy Young, Silver Slugger and Dodgers Rookie of the Year awards

The tour will take you into the Dodger Interview Room in the stadium.

dodger stadium tours dodgers batting practice
Dodgers batting practice

On the Dodger Stadium tour, fans will receive early access to Dodger Stadium Field Box Level seats to enjoy Dodgers game day batting practice.

Please note Dodgers batting practice is often NOT scheduled for baseball games played at 1:10 p.m. and 12:10 p.m. at the ballpark.

Please note: The Dodger Stadium Pregame Tour is not a ticket to the baseball game. Dodgers Game and parking tickets must be purchased in advance of the tour.

Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tours.

This exclusive Dodger Stadium Clubhouse tour allows baseball fans a one-of-a-kind opportunity to see inside the Los Angeles Dodger Clubhouse at the ballpark.

The Stadium Clubhouse Tour will contain all elements of the Dodger Stadium Tour as well as:

Dodgers Bullpen
Dodgers Bullpen image source

Visit the Los Angeles Dodger Bullpen in the outfield.

Look at the Dodgers team weight room.

View the teams batting cage.

Dodgers Clubhouse
Dodgers Clubhouse image source Aecom Hunt

Peek inside the exclusive LA Dodger Clubhouse.

Fans will get to stop in the Los Angeles Dodgers Interview Room.

Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tours
Dodger Stadium Clubhouse Tours image source

Dodger Clubhouse Tours run approximately two hours on select Saturdays and Sundays. Space for Dodgers Clubhouse Tours is limited.

All areas of the Dodgers Clubhouse Tour are subject to change without warning.

Dodger Stadium Private Tours and Group Tours

Dodgers Dugout
Los Angeles Dodgers Dugout

Both Private and Group Dodger Stadium tours are perfect for baseball-loving kids birthdays, as well as school field trips, summer camp outings, gifts, or any dodger lover special occasion.

Inside MLB Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium Tour.

Where is Dodger Stadium?

Dodger Stadium at 1000 Vin Scully Avenue in Los Angeles, California.

Dodger Stadium Tour guests must enter through the Stadium Sunset Gate which is Gate A. Gate A is at the intersection Stadium Way and Vin Scully Avenue.

Stadium Tour guests should park in Dodgers parking Lot P. Guest meet just outside the Top of the Park Store on the Dodger Stadium Top Deck level adjacent to parking Lot P.

All Dodger Stadium Tours are subject to the security and ballpark entry guidelines. Get more information on Dodger Stadium tours pricing and availability.

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