Dodger Stadium Parking Guide

Dodger Stadium Parking Guide Where To Park for Dodgers Game

Dodger Stadium Parking

There are multiple Dodger Stadium Parking entrances. To avoid traffic you can map out your route to Dodger Stadium via Google Maps.

How much does Dodger Stadium Parking Cost:

There is $5.00 parking available at Dodger Stadium Parking Off-Site Locations. These are Dodger Stadium Parking Lot 13 and Lot 14 and cost just $5.00. Please note these are offsite on Stadium Way and allow for easy entrance and exit into Dodger Stadium. There is an uphill walk to the Stadium from these lots.

Specific Dodger Stadium Parking Lot:

For the easiest convenience of parking at the stadium if you purchased Dodger Stadium Parking in a specific Lot. (i.e. 1st base side 3rd base side) Its best to plan ahead. Make sure that you enter Dodger Stadium parking lot via the appropriate gate. Here is a list.

Gate Parking Lot
Sunset Gate A Lots 1 and 2.
Stadium Way Gate B Lot 2 – General parking only.
Golden State Gate C Lots 3 and 4.
Academy Gate D Lots 5, 6, and 7.
Downtown Gate E Lots 8, 10 and 11.
Dodger Stadium does not allow moving between lots.

Dodger Stadium Parking Entrance for car share vehicles
Car share vehicles can enter the ballpark parking lot through Sunset Gate A only. After the Dodgers Game or Event, car share vehicles will be permitted to enter Sunset Gate A to pick up their passengers in Lot 12.

Preferred Dodger Stadium parking price can cost $35.00 on average. Stadium parking price on the secondary market can also depend on the availability of parking passes as well as the event.

Dodger Stadium Parking Map

When do the gates at Dodger Stadium open?
All five Dodger Stadium Parking entrances open two and half hours before the scheduled game or event time.

Speed Limit in the Dodger Stadium Parking Lot
Yes, there is a speed limit inside the parking lot of 14 miles per hour. The speed limit is strictly enforced.

Can we tailgate in the parking lot?
Sorry but tailgating as well as the consumption of any alcohol is strictly prohibited in any of the Dodger Stadium Parking Lots.

Dodger Stadium VIP Parking

Barry’s Tickets offers Dodger Stadium VIP Parking for all games. When you choose the Dodgers game you would like to attend you can use our Interactive Seating Chart to help you decide on your tickets as well as Dodger Stadium Vip Parking map.
Dodger Stadium VIP Parking

Updated April 2015: The Los Angeles Dodgers have added “prepaid lanes” for fans who purchase Dodger Stadium parking in the general lots and Dodger Stadium VIP Parking. Upon entering Dodger Stadium follow the signage to these prepaid auto booths. All gates have dedicated Dodger Stadium Parking and Dodger Stadium VIP Parking prepaid lanes.

Purchasing your Dodger Stadium Parking passes in advance of getting to Dodger Stadium fans will help you get into the Stadium without having to wait in the general Dodger Stadium parking entrance. This aid traffic flow and movement through the Dodgers auto gates.

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Dodger Stadium
Dodger Stadium address is 1000 Elysian Park Avenue Los Angeles, California 90090-1112. Barry’s Tickets offers Dodgers Parking Passes for all games. Feel free to find out more information about Dodger Stadium or about Dodgers Parking Map.

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