Do Lakers Games Sell Out

Do Los Angeles Lakers games sell out?

Do Los Angeles Lakers games sell out?

The Lakers’ streak of 320 sellout games ended November 13, 2013, against the Hornets.

According to Kevin of Bleacher Report, the Lakers are now eighth in average home attendance with 18,997, behind the Warriors and Clippers.

During the 2019 – 2020 season, the Lakers were ninth in NBA Attendance averaging 18,997 (99.6%) at home and 18,936 (100.7) on the road.

Although regular season and playoffs sell out on the primary market, there are always tickets for sale on the secondary market, even after the game starts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prices and Information for a Los Angeles Lakers game at Staples Center.

Do Los Angeles Lakers games sell out?

With Lebron James and Anthony Davis’s addition, the Lakers have returned to glory (17 Championships, 19 Conference titles, 33 Division titles).

Returning to glory also means ticket prices on the primary and secondary market are up 15 – 45%.

Individual games on the primary market (, Ticketmaster) are not available as they have 99% of season seats are sold.

Tickets on the secondary market (NBA Exchange,, Stubhub) are always available, even after the tip-off.

Can you buy tickets at the Staples Center?

If available, tickets for a Laker game may be obtainable at the Staples Center box office at 1111 S. Figueroa Street Los Angeles, CA 90015.

How do you get courtside tickets for the Lakers?

Courtside tickets are available for purchase through each NBA team’s ticketing websites as well as through the league’s website at and on the secondary market.

Courtside tickets can go as high as 12,000.00 per seat during the regular season and have gone for as high as $45,000.00 during playoff games.

How much does it cost to rent a suite at the Staples Center?

Suites at the Staples Center start at roughly $6000.00 for a 20-person suite.

Fans interested in a 20-person luxury suite will spend around $6000.00 ($300.00 per person).

A 40-person suite runs on average of $12,000.00 ($600.00 per person).

The most extensive suite at Staples Center is an 80 person Super Suite which goes for $17,000.00 ($212.00 per guest).

Although suites can come with an extra 6 bar stools, they do not come fully inclusive. Food, drinks, the famous dessert cart, and additional parking passes are all in addition to the average price.

Suite prices can fluctuate depending on level, location on the court, and opponent.

Are tickets cheaper on the day of the game?

Weekday games (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) offer fans the best value for their dollar as well as the chance to score good seats at a cheaper cost on the secondary market.

Saturdays and Sunday games are the priciest days to go a game at Staples Center.

Game day prices can fluctuate depending opponent.

Does my child need a ticket to enter a Laker game?

All Children age three (3) and above require a Los Angeles Laker game ticket at Staples Center.

Do you have to pay for parking at Staples Center?

Yes, generally, during the regular season, parking rates can range between $15.00 and $25.00 in the surrounding parking lots and up to $150.00 for Lot 1.

LA Live Accross from the Staples Center
LA Live Staples Center

Is it safe around Staples Center?

Yes, streets directly surrounding the are arena are closed off to cars. There is a significant presence of both Police and stadium security walking around the venue.

Fans tend to head over across the street to LA Live before the start of a Lakers game.

Numerous restaurants offer indoor and outdoor dining, and there is bowling at Lucky Strike and even a movie theater.

How much is food at the Staples Center?

Concession prices at Staples Center are high. A draft beer might run you $8.00 -$15.00.

Essential munchy items such as Popcorn ($9.00), pretzels ($6.50), Hotdogs ($7.00), and soda ($5.50) can be a bit pricy.

Staples Center offers over 100 dining options inside the arena. Pizza, Tacos, Steakhouse BBQ, and even Sushi.

If you are looking to save money, we recommend checking out LALive before the game, as although food prices there can also be high, they are cheaper than eating inside the arena.

Can you buy tickets after the Laker game starts?

Mobile ticking now makes it easier than ever for fans to buy tickets after the game starts.

Barry’s Ticket Service offers last-minute sales via our website as well as a walk-in office directly across from the staples center.

Other secondary ticketing apps and sites, including Gametime and Stubhub, offer seats up to an hour after the game starts.

Buying tickets after the start of the Lakers game can offer some of the most discounted prices, as once the game is over, there is no value in the tickets.

Although some game seating options may be limited, you will make up for it in ticket cost.

How much is a beer at Staples Center
How much is a beer at Staples Center?

How much does a beer cost at the Staples Center?

A beer at Staples Center can cost you between $7.50 and $15.00


“Cooler by Budweiser” (Located at the Figueroa Entrance Near Section 103 and next to Section 315) offers select beers under $8.00. You can also choose from their Selection of Craft, Premium, and Domestic Canned Beers, which can go as high as $15.00.

The Lakers rank 29th in the NBA for most affordable home games with a 16oz beer averaging $12.00.

The Denver Nuggets rank first with a 16oz beer costing $4.17.

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