December Clippers Game Schedule

December Clippers Games Start at $9.00

December Clippers Games

December Clippers GamesHere is a look at December Clippers games for both their home games at the Staples Center as well as their away games. Last season there were seventeen December Clippers games. The Clippers ended the month of December winning eleven and losing six. The Clippers went 10-1 at the Staples Center during December.

Pacers at Clippers, December 2
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One of the reasons Paul George was against the idea of playing power forward was the fear of going against strong players like Blake Griffin. Well, he will get to experience the full wrath of Blake, as the Clippers power forward will try to bully the Clippers into the win.

Magic at Clippers, December 5
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The Clippers will look to exploit the matchups they have an advantage, and the first one is obvious, CP3 is going against a second-year player at point guard, playing against Elfrid Payton. Back in the post, DeAndre Jordan will get to earn his paycheck trying to defend one of the best and most underrated centers in the league in Nicola Vucevic.
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Clippers at Timberwolves, December 7
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Two great point guards with excellent court vision will share the floor, as Ricky Rubio and Chris Paul will try to work the angles and find passes that nobody else is seeing. In the paint, Blake Griffin will get a first crack at the No.1 pick from the 2015 Draft, Karl-Anthony Towns. The team is playing excellent defence to start the season, but can he stop a behemoth like Blake Griffin?

LA Clippers Chris PaulClippers at Bucks, December 9
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It is offence versus defence in this one, as the Clippers are one of the best offensive teams playing one of the best defensive teams in the league, the Milwaukee Bucks. There will be plenty of interesting matchups, including one of the leading point guards in steals, Michael-Carter Williams and Chris Paul. For fans of the post play, Griffin and Jordan will have their hands full with Greg Monroe.

Clippers at Bulls, December 10
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With so many young point guards taking the stage, Chris Paul and Derrick Rose can be classified as veterans in this league. But they are not as old as people might think, and both are trying to show they still belong in the top 5 point guards conversation. The Clippers will have to find someone to guard Jimmy Butler, as the Bulls wing is growing into one of the best two-way players. Lance Stephenson or Wesley Johnson will be best situated for the job.

Clippers at Nets, December 12
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In an era where centers are stepping outside to the perimeter, it is refreshing to play someone who is still making his money in the paint. Enter Broke Lopez, a talented center that can score 25+ points on a given night. It will be up to DeAndre Jordan to show he is still one of the best defensive players in the league. At the point guard position, two crafty players in Jarrett Jack and Chris Paul will square off.

Clippers at Pistons, December 14
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Defence is one of the reasons the Clippers are not having the start many were expecting of them, and paint defence is a big reason why. Enter the Pistons and their dominant young center Andre Drummond. While he scores most of his points on dunks and putbacks, he is almost impossible to stop when he is near the basket. DeAndre Jordan will have to box him out, but can he succeed that for the whole game?

Hello Kitty Night December Clippers GamesBucks at Clippers, December 16
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One week after playing the Bucks in Milwaukee, the Clippers will welcome them in Los Angeles, where the young Bucks will have to show they are up for the challenge. The Bucks are an underrated team, but their length makes them one of the few teams that can compete with the Clippers when athleticism is the standard. Giannis Antekounpo and Chris Middleton are two athletic players that the Clippers will have to find a way to stop.
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Clippers at Spurs, December 18
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Take your pick, Parker versus Chris Paul, J.J. Redick against Danny Green, Duncan versus Jordan, or Blake Griffin against Lamarcus Aldridge? There is not a single matchup in the starting five that is lopsided, except maybe for Kawhi Leonard against Wesley Johnson. One of the reasons why this matchup is as interesting is how equal and close the teams are in talent level.

LA Clippers Blake GriffinClippers at Rockets, December 19
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The Rockets and the Clippers are two biggest disappointments at the start of the season in the Western Conference. The two teams that were at the top of the Conference last year are not at the bottom. Maybe the duel between the two will bring the best out of the teams, and the Clippers and the Rockets will turn the page around.

Thunder at Clippers, December 21
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It is always interesting to see Westbrook going against Chris Paul. While CP3 operates mostly on intelligence, craftiness and smart play, Westbrook uses his explosiveness and athleticism to bully opposing point guards. These two go against each other with all that they have. But the Clippers will also have to find someone to guard Kevin Durant. CP3 did it once in the playoffs two years ago, but that was only for short bursts.
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Clippers at Lakers, December 25
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The battle for LA hasn’t been so lopsided in a while, at least not for the Clippers. The “other” team in Los Angeles is becoming the first time in the past few seasons thanks to its superior players. Blake Griffin and CP3 will both have young players against them, and you can only assume that the veterans will try to exploit the matchup. But do not forget the duel between Pierce and Kobe Bryant, at least from sentimental reasons.

Clippers at Jazz, December 26
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DeAndre Jordan was Rudy Gobert a few seasons ago, tall, athletic center that can block and alter shots at the rim. He is now much more, and the Jazz hopes that Gobert will become as good as or even better than Jordan. Be as it is, the Clippers will have troubles scoring in the paint with Gobert manning the middle

Clippers at Wizards, December 28
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It doesn’t get much better than John Wall against Chris Paul. Then there is the shooters duel between J.J. Redick and Bradley Beal. And once you get in the paint, the Polish Hammer will sure try to outplay DeAndre Jordan.

Clippers at Hornets, December 30
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It is a game tailor-made for DeAndre Jordan to show his value on the defensive end, as he will have to go against one of the most talented big men in the league in Al Jefferson. Kemba Walker against Chris Paul is another matchup worth watching, as Walker’s game is very similar to the one of CP3.

Clippers at Pelicans, December 31
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The Clippers will end the season playing against Anthony Davis, the best young big man, and some might say even the best big man in the league at the moment. Both Griffin and Jordan will have their hands full with Davis, as the young big man can now shoot for 3, post up, and also dunk on almost everyone that is standing in front of him.

December Clippers Games Outcomes:
With the Clippers struggling to get their groove here is a quick look at the 2014-15 December Clippers games outcomes.

The December Clippers games at the Staples Center last season saw them beat the Atlanta Hawks, Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, San Antonio Spurs and Washington Wizards. The only December Clippers games loss at home was against the Indiana Pacers.

The December Clippers Games loses on the road last season came at the hands of the Detroit Pistons, Golden State Warriors, Indiana Pacers, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Orleans Pelicans, New York Knicks, Orlando Magic, Phoenix Suns and the Utah Jazz.

This season the December Clippers game home schedule will only have them playing four times. The Pacers, Magic, Bucks and Thunder will all make their way to the Staples Center in December.