David Gilmour Tour Presale Codes and Tickets

How to Get David Gilmour Tour Presale Codes and Tickets

Excited for the David Gilmour Tour 2024? Get ahead of the game with exclusive presale codes for tickets. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your spot at one of the most anticipated concerts of the year. While others scramble for tickets, you can relax knowing you have early access to the best seats in the house. Experience the thrill of seeing a music legend live on stage and create memories that will last a lifetime. Say goodbye to FOMO and hello to an unforgettable night filled with incredible music and unforgettable moments.

David Gilmour LUCK and STRANGE Tour Dates:

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David Gilmour Tour 2024

David Gilmour’s Return to the stage

Exciting News

David Gilmour is set to captivate audiences once again with his highly anticipated return to the stage. Fans are excited as they eagerly await the opportunity to experience his legendary performances live.

Gilmour’s concerts are known for their electrifying atmosphere, where every note played resonates deeply with the audience. The prospect of witnessing his iconic guitar solos and soulful vocals in person is a dream come true for many music enthusiasts.

Performance Expectations

Fans can expect nothing short of a musical masterpiece during Gilmour’s upcoming tour. With a career spanning decades, he promises a setlist that will encompass his greatest hits along with some surprises for his dedicated followers.

The sheer talent and artistry that Gilmour brings to the stage guarantee an unforgettable night filled with nostalgia, emotion, and pure musical brilliance. From Pink Floyd classics to his solo work, each song performed is a testament to his enduring legacy in the music industry.

Motivation Insights

For Gilmour, this tour represents more than just another series of concerts; it symbolizes a deep-seated passion for connecting with his fans through music. The opportunity to share his artistry on stage once again drives him to deliver performances that exceed expectations.

The bond between Gilmour and his audience is palpable, with each chord struck evoking powerful emotions and memories. His dedication to creating an immersive experience for concert-goers stems from a genuine love for performing and sharing his music with the world.

On Sales Dates


  • Gilmour’s fan club Starts Wednesday, May 15 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • Chase Cardholders Starts Thrusday, May 16 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • VIP Packages Presale Starts Wednesday, May 15 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • Official Platinum Presale Starts Wednesday, May 15 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • Live Nation Presale Starts Thrusday, May 16 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Livenation.com.
  • Ticketmaster Presale Starts Thrusday, May 16 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Livenation.com.
  • LNHS Presale Starts Thrusday, May 16 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • Venue Presale Starts Thrusday, May 16 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, May 16 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com.
  • American Express® Access Starts Friday, May 17 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Tuesday, October 15 @ 10:00 PM local time at Ticketmaster.com. Use Promo Code 8003272177.

Official Onsale:

Tickets for David Gilmore’s upcoming tour will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, May 17th at 10:00 a.m. local time via Ticketmaster.


David Gilmour’s LUCK and STRANGE Tour North American leg will kick off on October 29, 2024, and October 30, 2024, at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

Gilmore will head to the East Coast for two dates at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday, November 04, 2024, and Tuesday, November 05, 2024

David Gilmour 2024 Tour Dates:

  • 09/27 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 09/28 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 09/29 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 10/01 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 10/02 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 10/03 – Rome, Italy @ Circo Massimo
  • 10/09 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/10 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/11 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/12 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/14 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/15 – London, UK @ Royal Albert Hall
  • 10/29 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl. [tix].
  • 10/30 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl. [tix].
  • 11/04 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden. [tix].
  • 11/05 – New York, NY @ Madison Square Garden. [tix].
  • Cities

    Key cities on the tour include New York, Los Angeles. These locations are known for their vibrant music scenes and enthusiastic audiences.


    The concerts will take place in iconic venues such as Madison Square Garden in New York and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Fans can expect unforgettable performances in these historical settings.

    Spotlight on New York and Los Angeles Shows

    New York

    New York, known for its vibrant energy and iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, will host David Gilmour’s concert in 2024. The city’s rich musical history adds an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming event. Fans can expect a night filled with unforgettable performances against the backdrop of a city that never sleeps.

    The bustling streets of New York will provide a unique setting for David Gilmour’s show, infusing the concert with an electric atmosphere. As fans gather from all corners of the world, the city’s diverse culture will create a melting pot of experiences, enhancing the overall concert vibe. The blend of modernity and tradition in New York will undoubtedly make this tour memorable for attendees.

    Los Angeles

    On the other coast, Los Angeles offers a different but equally captivating experience for concert-goers. The city’s laid-back yet trendy vibe sets the stage for David Gilmour’s performance in 2024. With venues like the Hollywood Bowl, fans can look forward to an evening immersed in music and glamour under the starlit skies of LA.

    Los Angeles‘s palm-lined streets and sunny weather bring a relaxed ambiance to David Gilmour’s show, offering a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of New York. Attendees can soak in the West Coast charm while enjoying world-class music in one of America’s entertainment capitals. The fusion of artistry and urban charm makes Los Angeles a prime location for this highly anticipated tour.

    Special Guest Appearances

    In addition to these remarkable settings, fans attending either the New York or Los Angeles shows may be treated to special guest appearances by renowned musicians or surprise performances. These unexpected moments often add extra excitement and exclusivity to live concerts, creating unforgettable memories for attendees. Watch for announcements regarding potential surprises at these iconic tour stops.

    • Pros:
      • Experience vibrant energy in New York
      • Enjoy laid-back glamour in Los Angeles
      • Chance to witness special guest appearances

    How to Get Presale Codes

    Accessing Presale Codes

    To access presale codes for the David Gilmour tour 2024, fans should first visit the official website or social media pages of the artist. Look out for announcements regarding presale dates and times.

    Fans can also sign up for newsletters or fan clubs associated with David Gilmour to receive exclusive presale codes directly in their inbox. These codes are usually released a few days before the general sale begins.

    Tips for Securing Preferred Seats

    One effective tip for securing preferred seats during a presale is to be prepared in advance. Set reminders for the presale date and time, ensuring you are online and ready to purchase tickets as soon as the codes are released.

    Another tip is to have multiple devices ready, such as smartphones, laptops, or tablets, to increase your chances of accessing the ticketing website quickly. This can be crucial in securing seats before they sell out.

    Acting Fast Due to Limited Availability

    Fans need to act swiftly during a presale due to the limited availability of tickets. Presale codes provide an early opportunity to purchase tickets before they are open to the general public, increasing the chances of securing desired seats.

    Buying Tickets for the 2024 Tour

    Ticket Purchase Process

    To buy tickets for the David Gilmour 2024 tour, visit the official ticketing website on the announced sale date. Look for the designated section for purchasing tickets.

    Ensure you have a stable internet connection to prevent any disruptions during the buying process. Follow the prompts on the website to select your desired seating options and complete the transaction.

    Ticket Tiers and Benefits

    Tickets for the David Gilmour tour may come in different tiers, offering various benefits based on pricing. Higher-tier tickets often include perks like premium seating, exclusive merchandise, or meet-and-greet opportunities with the artist.

    Consider your budget and preferences when choosing a ticket tier. While higher tiers provide added luxuries, standard tickets still offer an excellent concert experience at a more affordable price.

    Authenticity Check

    When purchasing tickets for the 2024 David Gilmour tour, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of the tickets. Avoid buying from unauthorized third-party sellers or scalpers to prevent invalid tickets or overpricing issues.

    Always purchase tickets from official sources such as the artist’s website or licensed ticketing platforms like Barry’s Ticket Service to ensure entry into the event. Be cautious of deals that seem too good to be true, as they might be scams.

    Why These Shows Matter

    Fan Excitement

    David Gilmour’s 2024 tour holds immense significance for fans, offering a rare opportunity to witness a music legend in action. The anticipation and excitement among fans are palpable, with many eagerly awaiting the chance to experience Gilmour’s iconic music live.

    Fans cherish these shows as a chance to relive classic hits and create new memories, showcasing the enduring appeal of Gilmour’s music across generations. The emotional connection fans have with his songs transcends time, making each concert a nostalgic journey for attendees.

    Impact on Music Industry

    Gilmour’s return to the stage not only delights fans but also reverberates throughout the music industry, setting high expectations for an unforgettable experience. His influence on rock music undeniably shapes the industry with his innovative sound and unparalleled guitar skills.

    These shows serve as a testament to Gilmour’s lasting impact, solidifying his status as a musical icon whose contributions continue to inspire artists and audiences worldwide. The tour represents more than just performances; it symbolizes a celebration of musical excellence and artistic legacy.

    Emotional Connection

    The emotional resonance of Gilmour’s music goes beyond mere entertainment, touching the hearts of listeners on a profound level. His soulful lyrics and masterful guitar solos evoke emotions, from nostalgia to introspection, creating a unique bond between the artist and the audience.

    For fans, attending Gilmour’s concerts is not just about hearing great music; it’s about experiencing a deeply personal connection with an artist who has soundtracked their lives. Each note played life carries memories, stories, and emotions that resonate long after the final encore.

    David Gilmour Luck and Strange Tour Tickets

    You’ve learned about David Gilmour’s highly anticipated return to the stage in 2024, the tour dates and locations, how to secure presale codes, and why these shows hold significant importance. Remember that being proactive is key as you prepare to purchase your tickets for these exclusive events. Stay updated on presale announcements, set reminders, and be ready to snag your tickets as soon as they become available. These shows are bound to sell out fast, so don’t miss your chance to witness a living legend in action. Secure your audience spot and prepare for an unforgettable musical experience!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: When does David Gilmour’s Luck and Strange tour start?

    A: David Gilmour’s “Luck and Strange” tour starts with the opening concert in Rome, Italy, on September 27, 2024, at the Circo Massimo. This tour marks the legendary Pink Floyd guitarist’s highly anticipated return to the stage, promising an array of performances across Europe and North America.

    Q: What cities will David Gilmour be touring in?

    A: David Gilmour will be touring in support of his new album “Luck and Strange,” with confirmed tour dates in the following cities: Royal Albert Hall in London, Circo Massimo in Rome, Italy, Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and Madsion Sqaure Garden in New York.

    Q: How can I buy tickets to David Gilmour’s concerts?

    A: To buy tickets for David Gilmour’s concerts, you have a few options: Ticketmaster: You can purchase tickets for David Gilmour’s concerts through Ticketmaster. The website provides information about the concert tour dates and allows you to compare and buy tickets. Other Ticketing Platforms: You can also check other ticketing platforms like Barry’s Ticket Service for David Gilmour tickets and tour dates.

    Q: Can I buy David Gilmour floor seats?

    A: Purchasing floor seats for a David Gilmour concert can be done on BarrysTickets.com. Act swiftly is essential, as tickets for popular events like this tend to sell out quickly.

    Q: What are some notable aspects of David Gilmour’s live performances?

    A: David Gilmour’s live performances are renowned for their emotional depth, exceptional guitar work, and meticulous attention to sound quality. His ability to convey the essence of each song through his guitar solos is unparalleled, often leading the audience through a range of emotions.

    Q: When did the Happier Than Ever, The World Tour commence and conclude?

    A: Barry’s Ticket Service provides exclusive access to all presale codes for David Gilmour’s forthcoming tour. This includes codes from Live Nation and Ticketmaster, American Express Access, LNHS, and the Official Platinum Presale, ensuring you have the best selection.