Cyndi Lauper Farewell tour Tickets & Presale Codes

Cyndi Lauper Farewell tour Tickets & Presale Codes

Get ready to bid farewell to an icon as Cyndi Lauper prepares for her much-anticipated Girls Just Wanna Have Fun farewell tour. With a career spanning decades and hits that have become anthems, this tour promises to be a celebration of her legendary music journey. Known for her unique style and powerful vocals, Cyndi Lauper has left an indelible mark on the music industry, making this tour a must-see for fans old and new alike. Join in as we honor this trailblazing artist and experience the magic of her live performances one last time.

Upcoming Cyndi Lauper Tour Dates.

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Cyndi Lauper
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Cyndi Lauper
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On Sales Dates


  • Cyndi Lauper Artist Presale Starts Tuesday, June 4 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at Use Code HAVEFUN
  • VIP Package Presale Starts Thrusday, June 04 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at
  • Live Nation Presale Starts Wednesday, June 5 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at
  • Ticketmaster Presale Starts Tuesday, June 5 @ 10:00 am local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at
  • Spotify Presale Starts Thrusday, June 06 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at
  • Venue Presale Starts Thrusday, June 06 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Thursday, June 06 @ 10:00 PM local time at
  • VIP Package Onsale Starts Friday, June 07 @ 10:00 AM local time and ends Sunday, November 17 @ 10:00 PM local time at

Official Onsale:

Tickets for Cyndi Lauper’s upcoming Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m. local time via Ticketmaster.

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour

Tour Locations

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour will take her to various cities across the country, offering fans a chance to experience her iconic performances. From bustling metropolises to intimate venues, explore the diverse range of locations where she will be showcasing her talent.

Dates & Venues Details

Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour’ dates
Oct. 18: Montreal, Quebec — Bell Centre
Oct. 20: Toronto, Ontario — Scotiabank Arena
Oct. 24: Detroit, Michigan — Fox Theatre
Oct. 26: Boston — MGM Music Hall at Fenway
Oct. 27: Washington, DC — Capital One Arena
Oct. 30: Manhattan, New York — Madison Square Garden
Nov. 1: Nashville, Tennessee — Bridgestone Arena
Nov. 3: Columbus, Ohio — Schottenstein Center
Nov. 6: Tampa, Florida — Amalie Arena
Nov. 8: Hollywood, Florida — Hard Rock Hollywood
Nov. 10: Atlanta — State Farm Arena
Nov. 12: Dallas — American Airlines Center
Nov. 14: Austin, Texas — Moody Center
Nov. 16: Houston — Toyota Center
Nov. 19: Phoenix — Footprint Center
Nov. 20: San Diego — Viejas Arena
Nov. 23: Los Angeles — Intuit Dome
Nov. 24: Palm Desert, California — Acrisure Arena
Nov. 26: San Francisco — Chase Center
Nov. 30: Portland, Oregon — Moda Center
Dec. 1: Seattle — Climate Pledge Arena
Dec. 4: Minneapolis — Target Center
Dec. 5: Chicago — United Center

Exploring Tour Themes

Musical Evolution

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour encapsulates her musical evolution, showcasing a journey through different genres and styles. From her iconic hits of the 80s to her more recent experimental tracks, the tour themes reflect her growth as an artist.

Empowerment and Individuality

One of the central themes of Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour is empowerment and individuality. Her music has always been a beacon of self-expression, encouraging fans to embrace their uniqueness. Through powerful lyrics and energetic performances, she celebrates diversity and authenticity.

LGBTQ+ Advocacy

An integral part of Cyndi Lauper’s career has been her advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, which is prominently highlighted in her farewell tour. Her timeless anthem “True Colors” resonates deeply with fans, serving as a symbol of acceptance and inclusivity. The tour serves as a platform to continue spreading messages of love and equality.

Fan Interaction

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour emphasizes fan interaction, creating intimate moments that strengthen the bond between the artist and her supporters. From heartfelt conversations during performances to special meet-and-greet sessions, fans feel a personal connection with Cyndi, making the experience unforgettable.

Visual Spectacle

Beyond the music, Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour is a visual spectacle, incorporating vibrant costumes, elaborate stage setups, and captivating visuals. Each element complements the thematic essence of her songs, enhancing the overall concert experience for attendees.

Presale Code Insights


Presale codes play a crucial role in securing tickets early for events like the Cyndi Lauper farewell tour. These codes grant fans exclusive access to tickets before the general public sale begins.

Understanding the significance of presale codes can mean the difference between getting front-row seats or missing out on the opportunity altogether. By utilizing these codes, fans increase their chances of attending highly anticipated shows.


Presale codes are unique passwords or phrases that allow fans to access ticket sales before they are available to the general public. This exclusive access ensures that dedicated fans have an advantage in purchasing tickets for popular events.

The use of presale codes not only benefits fans but also helps event organizers manage ticket sales efficiently. By controlling who has access to tickets during presales, organizers can gauge demand and ensure a smoother ticketing process overall.

Tips for Fans

  1. Stay Connected: Follow Cyndi Lauper’s official social media accounts and sign up for newsletters to receive updates on presale opportunities.
  2. Join Fan Clubs: Many artists offer presale codes to members of their fan clubs as a reward for their loyalty.
  3. Be Alert: Keep an eye out for announcements regarding presales on ticketing websites and music forums.

What to Expect

Concert Experience

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour promises an unforgettable experience for fans. The atmosphere is electric, filled with excitement and nostalgia.

Prepare to be immersed in a world of vibrant colors, bold fashion choices, and energetic performances that showcase Cyndi Lauper’s iconic style.

Performances and Setlists

During the concert, expect a diverse range of performances that span Cyndi Lauper’s illustrious career. From her early hits like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” to her later works, each song is delivered with passion and flair.

The setlist is carefully curated to take the audience on a musical journey through Cyndi Lauper’s evolution as an artist. Get ready to sing along to your favorite tunes and discover new gems along the way.

Cyndi Lauper’s Average Setlist:
Hole in My Heart (All the Way to China)
She Bop
The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough
Into the Nightlife
Time After Time
I Drove All Night
Money Changes Everything (The Brains cover)
Sally’s Pigeons
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Not My Father’s Son
True Colors

Special Moments

Keep an eye out for special moments sprinkled throughout the show. These could include heartfelt tributes to influential figures, surprise guest appearances, or acoustic renditions of beloved classics.

Witnessing these intimate and personal moments adds an extra layer of emotion and connection to the concert experience.

Tips for Preparation

To make the most of your time at Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour, consider these tips:

  • Arrive early to soak in the pre-show excitement and secure a good spot.
  • Purchase merchandise beforehand or during intermissions to commemorate this special occasion.
  • Engage with fellow fans and share your love for Cyndi Lauper’s music for a sense of community during the concert.

Special Tour Features

Exclusive Collaborations

Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour promises exciting collaborations with renowned artists in the music industry. Fans can anticipate special performances that showcase unique musical combinations and memorable moments on stage.

Interactive Experiences

At the heart of the tour are interactive experiences that offer fans a chance to engage with Cyndi Lauper’s iconic music in innovative ways. From interactive installations to behind-the-scenes access, attendees can immerse themselves in the world of this legendary artist.

Limited Edition Merchandise

For enthusiasts looking to take home a piece of the experience, exclusive merchandise will be available at each show. These limited-edition items serve as mementos of the farewell tour, allowing fans to cherish their memories long after the final curtain call.

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Buy Cyndi Lauper’s Farewell Tour Tickets Today

Cyndi Lauper’s upcoming Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour

You’ve now uncovered all the essential details about Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour. From unlocking presale codes to exploring tour themes and special features, you’re well-equipped to secure your tickets and make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. With a clear overview of tour dates and insights into what to expect, you’re ready to dive into the world of Cyndi Lauper’s iconic music in a whole new way.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness a music legend in action. Get your presale codes ready, mark your calendars, and prepare for an unforgettable journey through Cyndi Lauper’s farewell tour. Secure your tickets now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour start?

A: Cyndi Lauper’s Farewell Tour starts with the opening concert in Montreal, Quebec, on October 18, 2024, at the Bell Centre. This tour marks the “Time after time” singers first major tour in over 10 years.

Q: What cities will Cyndi Lauper be touring in?

A: Lauper, 70, is set to play 23 shows across North America, starting on Oct. 18 in Montreal and ending on Dec. 5 in Chicago. Her Farwell tour will make stops in Nashville, Tennessee — Bridgestone Arena, Atlanta — State Farm Arena, Austin, Texas — Moody Center, Los Angeles — Intuit Dome, Seattle — Climate Pledge Arena and Chicago — United Center.

Q: How can I buy tickets to Cyndi Lauper’s concerts?

A: To buy tickets for Cyndi Lauper’s concerts, you have a few options: Ticketmaster: You can purchase tickets for Cyndi Lauper’s concerts through Ticketmaster. The website provides information about the concert tour dates and allows you to compare and buy tickets. Other Ticketing Platforms: You can also check other ticketing platforms like Barry’s Ticket Service for Cyndi Lauper tickets and tour dates.

Q: Can I buy Cyndi Lauper floor seats?

A: Purchasing floor seats for a Cyndi Lauper concert can be done on Act swiftly is essential, as tickets for popular events like this tend to sell out quickly.

Q: What are some notable aspects of Cyndi Lauper’s live performances?

A: Cyndi Lauper’s live performances are renowned for their vibrant energy and theatrical flair. A notable aspect of her concerts is her dynamic stage presence, where she effortlessly engages the audience with her powerful voice and charismatic personality. Her eclectic style, often marked by bold fashion choices and quirky antics, adds a unique visual element to her shows. Additionally, Lauper’s setlists blend her greatest hits, like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and “Time After Time,” alongside deeper cuts and occasional covers, ensuring a fresh and memorable experience for longtime fans and new listeners. Lastly, her commitment to musical excellence is highlighted by the talented musicians she collaborates with, creating a rich, immersive sound that brings her extensive catalog to life on stage.

Q: When did the Happier Than Ever, The World Tour commence and conclude?

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