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10 Great Reasons You Need to See the College Football Championships This Year

It’s easy to make weekend plans when you’re a college student, especially during football season. You can pretty much bet on finding all your close friends tailgating before the football game or getting together at your favorite bar to watch all the plays go down.

But, things change as you get older. Once you’ve already lived the glory days of undergrad, it can be hard to get back into the swing of college football season.

Still, it’s worth watching a few games each year, and it’s definitely a good idea to put the College Football Championships on your calendar if you can. In fact, maybe this is the year you get back in the stands instead of watching the game on TV!

Here are 10 reasons why you need to get college football tickets this year.

1. To Really Enjoy the Action

As nice as it can be to have people over for the game, nothing beats being in the stands. There’s no better place to feel all the joys of being a fan and to catch the best plays of the game.

Not to mention, watching a game in person actually turns out to be about a lot more than the game. It becomes a day full of joy and laughter as you immerse yourself in true football culture – and you don’t have to clean up the mess when the game’s over.

2. To Catch Every Second of a Play

Another reason it’s better to be in the stands during college football is that you never have to worry about missing a beat. You won’t be concerned about missing a play because you’re in the kitchen or taking your eye off the ball to answer the door.

Instead, you’re able to fully focus on the field in front of you and everything that’s going on. You can even try to see how good you are at calling the plays, which is way more fun to do in person.

3. To Feel the Adrenaline in the Stands

No matter what your favorite thing to do is while watching the game, there’s something about being in the stands that are really special. There’s a certain sense of adrenaline in the crowd that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Everyone is on the edge of their seats every single play. It doesn’t matter how far ahead (or down) your team is, each second has a little more significance to it when you’re watching it all happen in real time.

4. To Join in on Some Classic Trash Talk

The quicker you are about catching what just happened on the field, the faster you can beat everyone around you to the punchline. You know everyone’s about to comment on the amazing run your team made or the other team’s fumble that made it possible.

But when you’re tuned in and completely aware of what’s going on, you become a better trash talker. Although that wouldn’t be something to brag about normally, it makes watching football even more fun. Plus, being at the game means you can exchange a few lighthearted comments with people around you rather than hearing the same old jokes your buddies always tell.

5. To See Old Friends

Speaking of watching your game with your friends, when was the last time you saw your fraternity brothers or college roommates? There’s no better excuse than a game of football to get the gang back together.

If you’re planning on doing this anyway, you may as well go all-out and schedule a mini-reunion during the College Football Championships. This is even more fun if your friend group is all spread out nowadays. Depending on the location of the championship, you could all end up with a nice middle point for everyone to meet.

6. To Make New Friends

Don’t be surprised if you end up making new lifelong friends just by going to one more college football game. It’s amazing how quickly this sport can bring fans together. When you share such a deep love for football and you know how to be the life of the party, it’s only natural that you make a few new friends.

7. To Bond over the Fight Song

Even if you’re more on the shy side and you just like to watch the game in peace, you’re still bound to have the time of your life in the stands and make new friends.

All it takes is something as simple as the fight song to bring people together.

Once your team makes a touchdown or completes a much-needed play, everyone goes crazy. It’s amazing how that craziness can lead to new connections with the people around you.

8. To Tailgate

Tailgating before the game is arguably one of the best parts of the whole college football experience. You don’t have to tailgate as hard as you did back in the day, but it is a good chance to let off a little steam and enjoy gameday to the fullest.

Not to mention, the food and games aren’t so bad, either. You may even discover you love being a tailgate family and create a new tradition for next season!

9. To Feel Young Again

Whether you end up tailgating every single game after this year’s College Football Championships or you just give yourself this one day to remember the joys of college, you’re going to feel young again.

It’s almost like the adrenaline in the air takes you back to when you were a college student just trying to have some fun with your friends. You may be older and wiser, but the love for the game never fades and it’s good to fully enjoy that from time to time.

10. To Teach Your Children About the Glory of Football

Keep in mind that part of having love for the game of football means sharing the love. Your little ones are never too young to experience a classic family tailgate or go to the game.

Even if they’re just toddlers who don’t understand much of what’s going on, they’re sure to have a lot of fun. As they get even older, the football memories they make will become some of their most cherished family moments. Think about that the next time you want to skip out on being in the stands.

Enjoy the College Football Championships in Person This Year!

It’s never too late to get into the swing of football season. Whether you were ready to go for the very first tailgate of the year or you’re just now thinking about buying tickets to the College Football Championships, there’s no time like the present to be a true fan.

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