Coldplay Concert Tour

Will Coldplay Tour This Year?

With seven Grammy Awards and millions of album sales under their belt, Coldplay is one of the best-selling artists of all time.

But what can fans expect from the British pop princes in the future? Well, if you’re a Coldplay fan you have a lot to get excited about! So much so that you may get “A Rush of Blood to the Head,” so to speak.

Keep reading to learn what the band has been up to, whether or not you can expect a Coldplay tour anytime soon, and how you can snag tickets to their next show in your area.

What Is Coldplay up To?

It’s been a minute since Coldplay fans have heard new music from the group. The band’s latest full release, “A Head Full of Dreams” is almost a half-decade old at this point.

While “Dreams” saw a follow-up in a brand new EP “Kaleidoscope” two years later, it’s still been almost three years since we’ve heard anything new from Chris Martin and company.

If you’re a fan of the group, you’ll be happy to know that the wait for new music is almost over. Coldplay recently announced plans to release a brand new album in November 2019!

If you think that sounds exciting, just wait. The new record, titled “Everyday Life,” isn’t your typical Coldplay record. Instead of releasing a handful of new songs and hitting the road, they’re instead putting out a double album, making the new album one of the band’s most elaborate projects to date.

The record’s two parts are reportedly titled, “Sunrise” and “Sunset” respectively.

Can’t wait to hear what they’re up to? You can already hear two tracks from the album taken from the band’s recent performance on Saturday Night Live.

Will Coldplay Tour This Year?

A double album is certainly exciting news. But music fans know that new music often means more than new songs: it means a whole new tour!

But before you get ready to belt your heart out along to “The Scientist,” you should know that the band has yet to formally announce any plans to tour in 2020.

With that said, new albums and tour cycles go hand-in-hand. So while nothing is on the books as of right now, expect to see an official announcement within the next few months.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled to our blog for the latest concert news so you can stay informed when tickets do go on sale.

Since we’re in the age of the Internet, don’t be surprised if you see a few dates leak out before the band makes a formal announcement. Info tends to travel fast, so you can rest assured that we’ll bring you any breaking news we hear about.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Tour

While Coldplay’s 2020 schedule is wide open as of now, remember that it won’t stay that way for long. So what should you expect from the group’s next outing?

For one thing, a surprising amount of showmanship for a group who goes heavy on the piano. Coldplay may not play the heaviest music in the world, but that doesn’t mean their shows are low-energy.

On the contrary, past Coldplay shows have been anything but boring, featuring LED wristbands that synchronize to the music, multiple stages, and more. Get ready to sing along with thousands of other die-hard Coldplay fans to all of the band’s hits like “Fix You,” “Paradise,” “Clocks,” and more.

New and old fans alike are sure to have a blast on the upcoming tour.

Tips for Securing Your Tickets

Coldplay’s shows can’t be missed. So when tickets go on sale, you’ll need to do everything you can to snag great seats.

Here are a few tips to help you get the best seat in the house.

Don’t Wait

Coldplay’s last tour grossed $523 million, so you best believe that fans are going to line up to get their tickets as soon as they go on sale.

To make sure you get yours, grab your seats as soon as they go on sale. The longer you wait, the likelier it is that you’ll miss out.

Don’t Give up If the Event Seems Sold Out

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than getting excited about an event, only for it to sell out in a matter of moments. However, you should know that not all hope is lost.

In some cases, venues hold tickets back until a later date. You can also buy concert tickets on our site to increase your chances of finding a great seat.

Always Double-Check the Seating Chart

Since Coldplay’s stage show is so big, you shouldn’t expect standard arena seating to suffice. Past performances have included shows in the round with the band on a circular stage surrounded by the audience, so your efforts to get a front-row seat may hinder you from seeing the show.

For the reason, we can’t stress enough how important it is to check and double-check the venue’s seating chart. You should be able to find it before tickets go on sale, so you can scout out the best seats.

Join Mailing Lists

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out about shows before anyone else? It’s easier than you think! All you need is an email address.

Join Coldplay’s official mailing list, as well as our mailing list to get breaking news and special ticket offers. You’ll never have to miss out on a show again.

Plus, most bands offer digital goodies like free songs or merch discounts as an incentive to sign up.

See Coldplay Live

We’re eagerly awaiting the release of “Everyday Life,” and more importantly, its accompanying Coldplay tour. By all accounts, it’s looking as though the wait will be worth it.

Meanwhile, make sure to sign up for our mailing list or get in touch to find out how you can get great seats to your favorite events.