LA Clippers March Schedule

Los Angeles Clippers March Schedule 2015

The good news is the Clippers play Minnesota twice in March, and they also play Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Sacramento, all easily winnable games for a playoff team that has aspirations for a title. The bad news is the Clippers play the Warriors twice, Chicago, Washington, Portland, Dallas, Oklahoma, and Houston among others. To put it just, March will be a challenging month for the Clippers as they try to stabilize their position in the Western rankings. Blake Griffin should be back for half of the games played in March, and the Clippers will have to manage without him for a while. If they win the easy games and win half of the hard ones versus direct rivals for a higher seed, the Clippers might make it up to the 3rd or 4th spot in the West, both of which bring home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

So let’s break down Clippers March Schedule.

Blazers @ Clippers Staples Center March 4th.
Starting price $13 | Average price $65
It is good that the Clippers have beaten the Trail Blazers twice this season, once at home and once on the road. However, for this game, they will have to do it without Griffin, who is scheduled for a comeback somewhere in the middle of March. If they win, the Clippers will make sure they have the tiebreaker with Portland.

Warriors @ Clippers Staples Center March 8th
Starting price $110.00 | Average price $203.00
The home team has won each of the previous two duels, and neither of them was close. The Clippers would love to continue the tradition, at least for this game. The good news is they will have four full days of rest between the Portland and the Golden State Warriors game. If they lose the first game, they will get enough rest to prepare themselves for a battle with the best team in the West. Curry versus CP3 should be a delight to watch. The teams will also play at the end of the month in Oakland.

Clippers @ Thunder Chesapeake Arena March 11th.
Starting price $32 | Average price $122
Last year the Thunder eliminated the Clippers from the playoffs. This year, the first time the Clippers were in town, the Thunder won 131 – 108. Notice a pattern? The Clippers have a hard time winning in Oklahoma City. The Thunder are trying hard to get to the playoffs and secure the 8th seed, and they will show no mercy to teams above them in the rankings.View Tickets

Clippers @ Mavericks American Airlines Center March 13th.
Starting price $38 | Average price $72
The middle of the month is probably the hardest for the Clippers schedule wise. After visiting the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Clippers play in Dallas. They’ve beaten the Mavs in the two games they’ve played this season, but that is even more reasons for them to be prepared, as the Mavs will look to retaliate. View Tickets

Rockets @ Clippers Staples Center March 15th
Starting price $21 | Average price $78
Luckily for the Clippers, for the third hard game in a row, they play at home. The Rockets are another team the Clippers have beaten twice this season. The Clippers play good versus other Western playoff contenders. Their problem is they lose winnable games versus lower opponents.

Clippers March Schedule At The Staples Center


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