Cirque Du Soleil – Iris, at Kodak Theater

Cirque Du Soleil presents Iris, a new resident production that was created exclusively for the Kodak Theatre and the Hollywood & Highland Center. The performances start on 21 July.

Iris promises to be a poetic splendor, an imaginary journey through the evolution of cinema. It will portray the foundations of cinema, soundstage, optical effects and different films genres. Iris will attempt to convey the grandeur of cinema in all its glory though the inventive use of acrobatics and dance.

The two young heroes of Iris, Scarlett and Buster, are in a joyfully chaotic movie set and their escapades are captured brilliantly in a fascinating kaleidoscope of movement, light and music. Iris is a constant shift between fantasy and reality, and a phenomenal blending together of motion and picture, and light and sound. Acrobatics, dance, film footage, live video and interactive projections are combined together to illustrate the endless possibilities of cinema, its enormous power to deceive the eye and to entertain.

Iris is written and directed by Philippe Decoufle, the French stage and film director. Philippe had gathered together a group of artists in 1983, they have been with him ever since ad they have been members of his dance company called DCA. Philippe has been instrumental in the creation of a number of fantastic productions that have revived contemporary dance to a great extent.

In 1992, Philippe had created the opening and closing ceremonies of the Albertville Olympic Games. His how called Desires has been running at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris since the year 2009. Philippe has collaborated with Cirque du Soleil for the first time to produce Iris.

If you enjoy a fascinating blend of sound, music, light, dance and movie, Cirque du Soileil Iris is something you must not miss at any cost. Book your Cirque du Soleil Iris tickets today!