Chris Paul as the No1 MVP candidate

Chris Paul MVP
Chris Paul LA Clippers NO 1 MVP Candiate

Chris Paul is currently leading the race to the 2013 season MVP title and it’s no surprise. It’s not only about the stats and the scores he provides. It’s bigger. It’s about the impact he had and continues to have in the Clippers organization. It’s about him providing solutions each night and playing like an on-court coach, making his teammates better. Team success comes through individual effort and each member of the Clippers team knows that well. This great performance and the winning record our team has, exposes Paul’s impact even further. Let’s take a look at what he has achieved up to now this season.

Number wise, the five-time all-star point guard has had an excellent season, averaging almost 17 PPG, 9.7 assists and 2.6 steals. In fact he ranks first in the league in steals and trails only Rajon Rondo in assists. He is the only player in the entire league to average at least 15 points, nine assists and two steals per game. His numbers went up during the historic 17-game winning streak of LA, but even after that he continued to deliver huge games. In fact he dished a season-high 16 assist during last week’s win against the Mavs.

But believe me his value goes well beyond just numbers and stats. Some things in basketball can’t be counted by numbers, but those who watch and know about fundamentals, can understand the difference between a good player and a great player. Paul is surely one great player. The way he sets up his team, making plays for his teammates and easing up things for the rest of his team is a unique charisma that only a few players in the entire NBA possess. His Basketball IQ and his awareness on offense and on D is what complete the picture of a true superstar and team leader. Most of his teammates express their admiration to Paul’s performance and presence on the court. Some even compare him to Jason Kidd during his legendary days.

One thing is for certain. The LA Clippers are not the joke they used to be, even after the acquisition of Blake Griffin. Our entire organization has done a terrific job and our team has all the potential to drive us to the NBA finals and even perhaps celebrate our first Championship. Things might go even better and Chris Paul is the one who can lead us all the way to the top. He well deserves the MVP award, judging from his up to now performance and impact to our team.

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