Chicago Bulls Ticket Price Drops 14.6% in 2015

It took few months, but the Bulls look like the championship contender everyone envisioned them to be. Derrick Rose is as healthy as ever, he is relentless to the basket, the signing of Pau Gasol is the most underrated signing of the summer, and Jimmy Butler is arguably the best player on the team and one of the top 10-15 in the league. Tom Thibodeau is still manning the sidelines, expecting and demanding perfection and effort from his players, and the results are finally showing on the scoreboard. Their defence is not up to the level we are accustomed to seeing, but their offence is top notch. With that being said, the season is long, and the following five are some of the most important games for the Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls have moved into first place in attendance at the United Center with an average of 21,944 passing the Cleveland Cavaliers at 20,562 per game. In 2014 the Bulls average attendance was 21,716 with a 17,551 attendance average on the road according to ESPN. At the end of the 2014 the Chicago Bulls ticket price average was $120 per ticket which has dipped 14.16% to start off the 2015 season to $103.00 per ticket.

Bucks @ Bulls, January 10th United Center
Starting price $74, Average price $98
Nobody expected the Bucks to compete for the division title in the Central division. But months into the season, the Bucks are competitive as ever, which makes their duel with the Bulls even more interesting. Chicago won the first duel in Milwaukee, and the Bucks might look for revenge on the opposing team floor. View all Bulls vs Bucks tickets for the United Center.

Cavaliers @ Bulls, February 12th United Center
Starting price $155, Average price $266
By February, LeBron James should be back in uniform, the Cavs should have things figured out, and this might be the best duel the two teams have in the regular season. The first clash of the Central division rivals was won by Cleveland, and it was a high scoring game. But that was in October when Derrick Rose was rusty, and Butler was a role player. Now, Rose is healthy and spry, and Butler looks like the second or third best shooting guard in the league. View all Bulls vs Cavaliers Tickets for the United Center.

Wizards @ Bulls, March 3rd United Center
Starting price $55, Average price $109
The Wizards were the team to eliminate the Bulls from the 2014 playoffs. And it wasn’t pretty, with Washington racing to a 4-1 advantage. The Bulls were low on offensive firepower last year, but this time, things look different. This will also be a testing game, where teams looking for a long playoffs run experiment between each other. Both the Bulls and the Wizards are poised to be in the playoffs, but just for how long, it is unknown yet. View all Wizards vs Bulls Tickets for the United Center.

Raptors @ Bulls, March 20th United Center
Starting price $75, Average price $115
Considering how tight the race is in the East, which happens for the first time in years, wins versus top 4 teams are important as ever. The Bulls beat the Raptors two times already, but if they manage to win one more, they will hold the tiebreaker, a nifty asset in the playoffs. Hopefully, for the March game, fans can see both the Raptors and the Bulls backcourt healthy. Head to head matchups between Butler/Rose and Lowry/DeRozan are a delight, and the real winners are the fans who get to see them. View all Bulls vs Raptors Tickets for the United Center.

Hawks @ Bulls, April 15th United Center
Starting price $40, Average price $67
To close out the season, Chicago welcomes Atlanta. The teams are currently in the top 4 in the East, and considering all the facts, they might stay there by the end of the season. The Hawks won the first matchup, and the teams play in January in Chicago as well. However, the last game of the season might decide which team is ranked 1-2-3-4. The race is tight in the East! View all Bulls vs Hawks Tickets for the United Center.