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Do You Know Why Dodger Stadium Called Chavez Ravine?

Do You Know Why Dodger Stadium Called Chavez Ravine?

Chavez RavineChavez Ravine is located in an area of Los Angeles California called Sulphur Canyon and plays home to one of the most famous baseball parks in the county Dodger Stadium. It is called Chavez Ravine because it is named after Julian Chavez who was a Los Angeles city councilman in the 19th century. In 1844 Julian Chavez purchased a plot of land in the Elysian Park area and over time expanded it to roughly 318 acres. Before becoming Chavez Ravine, the area was called “Cemetery Ravine,” after old Calvary which is a Roman Catholic cemetery located in Los Angeles and is now known as the New Calvary Cemetery.

In the 1940’s Chavez Ravine was originally made up of “Mexican American” communities consisting of LA Loma, Palo Verde, and Bishop. Chavez Ravine was considered a weak but cohesive area. The ever growing population of the city of Los Angeles kept expanding, and Chavez Ravine became viewed as a prime but, underutilized location. In 1949 with the vote by the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles as well as aid from federal funds passed the Housing Act of 1949 enabling the City of Los Angeles to construct public housing to address the

Chavez Ravine excavated to make Dodger Stadium
On October 7th, 1957 Walter O’Malley announced that he would be moving the Dodgers west. O’Malley decided to build the new Dodger Stadium on a parcel of land in Chavez Ravine.

In 1962 the Los Angeles Angels were tenants of the LA Dodgers and remained in the stadium till 1965. The Angels called the stadium “Chavez Ravine Stadium” or just “Chavez Ravine” during their stay. In 2008 the Los Angeles City Council designated the area around the Stadium as “Dodger town.” In April of 2009, the United Postal service recognized the Los Angeles City Councils decision to call it “Dodgertown” and assigned a postal code “Dodgertown California 90090”.

Dodger Stadium under constructionDuring the construction of Dodger Stadium numerous structures located in Chavez Ravine were spared demolition. The structures were sold by the Dodger Stadium developers to nearby Universal Studios for just one dollar apiece. The Chavez Ravine structures were then moved to the Universal Studios back lot where they appeared in a verity of Universal Studios productions. The most famous were the house of Atticus Finch from the 1962 movie To Kill a Mockingbird was a former Chavez Ravine home.

Exploring Chavez Ravine Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Stadium

Here are a few fun facts about Chavez Ravine Dodger Stadium you may not have known about:

Dodger Stadium Chavez Ravine from the air– Dodger Stadium was opened in 1962. Before its construction, the Dodgers played their first few seasons in Los Angeles at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum after moving to the city from Brooklyn before the 1958 baseball season.

– As of the 2014 Major League Baseball season, Dodger Stadium had a maximum seating capacity of approximately 56,000. Last season over 3,782,337 fans enjoyed an MLB baseball game at Dodger Stadium.

– Notable events at Dodger Stadium over the years include a Beatles concert during their final United States tour, Sandy Koufax’s perfect game against the Los Angeles Dodgers Chicago Cubs on September 9, 1965, Frank Sinatra singing the National Anthem on Opening Day in 1977, the 1980 Major League Baseball Game, Kirk Gibson’s memorable game-winning home run in the 1988 World Series against the Oakland Athletics Game tickets, and numerous no-hitters.

– Dodger Stadium is the third oldest major league baseball stadium still in use behind only Chicago’s Wrigley Field and Boston’s Fenway Park. You can also checkout our Best and Worst MLB Stadiums.

– Dodger Stadium has the advantage of being located in sunny Los Angeles, where rainouts are rare. In fact, as of April 7, 2015, the Dodgers were on a streak of over a thousand games without a rainout on their home turf; only 17 total rainouts occurred from the stadium’s opening in 1962 through 2015.

– Dodger Stadium is home to the “Dodger Dog,” a distinctive 10″ long hot dog invented by Thomas G. Arthur.

Fan Eats 50 Dodger Dogs at Chavez Ravine in One Game

Upcoming Los Angeles Dodgers Games at Dodger Stadium Chavez Ravine

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Full schedule of upcoming Dodgers Games

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Experience Clayton Kershaw’s First No-Hitter at Chavez Ravine

Clayton Kershaw’s First No-Hitter.

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  1. I am an avid San Francisco Giants fan since 1958! My fantasy for years was to attend a Giants/Dodgers game in Chavez Ravine. In 1965 that dream became a reality! I was ecstatic! I dressed in my finest Giants’ Black and Orange gear, waved a Giant’s pennant and cheered on My Giants at the top of my vocal capacity. Let’s face it; i was totally obnoxious…as far as Dodger fans were concerned. A creature from another world? Well, yes, but they didn’t have a clue what a dream world I was coming from! These memories are forever etched in the mind of this Giant FANATIC! I tip my cap to Chavez Ravine!

  2. My only claim to fame was going to a Dodgers game as part of a friends birthday on Sept. 9th, 1965. We sat midway up in the second tier behind third base. When Sandy took the mound I was bummed because I wanted to see Don Drysdale pitch. For a ten year old it was so boring. Nothing happened. When I got home I was still complaining and my dad just laughed. When he got done laughing at me he explained I saw history that day. He said Sandy pitched a complete perfect game, meaning no Cubs player got on base by a hit or a walk. I remember saying that’s boss. (yeah, that was the word for cool back then) Before dad explained what happened, the only thing that impressed me was how loud the pop was when the ball hit Jeff Torborg’s glove. I’m still a Dodgers fan even though I live in midwest now.

  3. Dodger Stadium, only. It hasn’t been Chavez Ràvine for over 50 years! I have seen many wonderful things happen at Dodger Stadium. Still miss Vinny.

  4. It’s not Chavez Ràvine! It’s Dodger Stadium in Dodgertown, Los Angeles. I miss Vinny! These other “announcers” pale. I grew up with Sandy, Don, Maury, the 3 dog and Vinny. Saw Sandy’s perfect game, Gibson’s home run, Shawn Green’s home run magic, Gagne’s incredible bullpen run and many, many other great games! All announced by Vinny at Dodger Stadium, not Chavez Ràvine!

  5. Hi;
    Just for fun I saw this site and decided to reply. Went to games 3 & 4 World Series in 1963. Watched Koufax & Drysdale pitch ..FANTASTIC. We got off work @. Eleven pm Friday nite. Drove all night from Reno to LosAngeles Always have wanted to return Go Dodgers (Brooklyn Bums) Hope to see others memories. Thank you

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