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Finding the Best Seating at Banc of California Stadium

Banc of California Stadium is L.A.’s newest professional sports and multi-use venues. Its primary purpose is to be the home for LA’s newest Major League Soccer team: Los Angeles Football Club.

LAFC ground breaking ceremony

Located just steps away from the L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Banc of California Stadium is setting the standard for new venues. It holds 22,000 people and features some of the best food from across Los Angeles. It is electric car compatible with a series of available charging spots. If you don’t want to drive, take the metro to the Expo Park/USC station.  Exposition Park

There are several seating opportunities at the new stadium that will amaze even the most seasoned ticket holders. The stadium‘s field-level boxes are built under the seats and put the fans on the field. These seats put you just feet from the action along the sidelines in shaded, unobstructed and private boxes that replicate bunkers.

For those fans who prefer to see the game and be part of the energy in the stands, it’s hard to find a bad seat. Banc of California is a small venue. It holds 5,000 less people than the StubHub Center which makes for an intimate fan experience. If you consider yourself a true LAFC fan, sitting in the standing fan zone is a must. The “Supers” as they’re known, are LAFC’s loud and proud fans that energize their team through 90+ minutes of action. Bring your air horns and cough drops if you sit in this section that is located directly behind the goalie box.

For the more casual fan, there are still plenty of great seating options. The 200-level seats range between $20-$50 as you move closer to the middle. These are the highest sections in the stadium but the smaller size of the venue means you’ll still be near to the action. Additionally, the 200-level seats on the eastern side of the venue will give you a great view of the high rises that make Downtown L.A.‘s skyline. Downtown Los Angeles

The 100-level seating that wraps around the stadium will put you in the action. While the prices vary as you move closer to the center, just about any seat in this level will immerse you in the LAFC atmosphere. Sections 109 to 118 run the length of the field while sections 119 to 125 put you right behind the goalie boxon the other side of the Supers. These give you some of the most unique views a soccer fan can experience when a team is pressing.

If you don’t get the opportunity to experience Banc of California Stadium during its inaugural season, you should try to find time to experience a game in the coming seasons.

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Where to Sit for Great Shaded Seats at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum

USC football. The L.A. Rams. Concerts. The Olympics. If you’ve lived in LA for an extended amount of time, you’ve probably found yourself at an event at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Coliseum is one of the premier venues in sports. Built in 1923 and having undergone a few facelifts, it can hold more than 93,000 people. While it’s not hard to see a good game at the Coliseum, it can be hard to find the right seat if you don’t know where to look.

The entrance to the Coliseum

Hosting both college football and the NFL, you have the opportunity to spend some warm L.A. Saturdays and Sundays at the stadium. If you’re not careful, that’s the opportunity to develop some painful sunburns and sit through some uncomfortable day games. You don’t want to ruin your fan experience and we’re here to help you find the best seats in the shade at the Memorial Coliseum.

The shaded seats are on the south side of the stadium. That is the side with the press box up top and closest to Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Look for the new Banc of California Stadium and you’ll know you’re on the right side. For on-site parking, lot 6 is closest to the south side entrances but know that the sun hits the parking lot.

Because of the way the stadium is built, the majority of that side is shaded. Your best bet is to make sure you’re seated in sections 105-2 and sections north until about Section 101-14 by the north endzone. While you should be in good shape just about anywhere you sit on that side, getting as close to the center of the southern side of the stadium will only improve your shaded access.

The Coliseum as shade rolls in over the southern side of the stadium

However, some fans have reported that that side of the stadium gets so little sun that it gets chilly. If you find yourself getting shivers, just look across the field at the fans trying to block the sun with their hands as they roast. Slip on your sweatshirt and enjoy not having to worry about sweat and sunscreen like they are.

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NBA Finals are better than expected. Don’t Miss Game 2

Game 1 of the NBA Finals was fantastic. The Warriors beat the Cavaliers in overtime 124-114.

Going into the series, the feel around the sports world was that we were destined for the fourth movie in a stale series that is getting more and more predictable. The Warriors had won two of the last three Finals and they were coming into this Finals as the overwhelming favorites. Many were predicting a sweep and were calling the Western Conference Finals between the Rockets and Warriors the real NBA Finals for this year. But alas, that all appears to have been misguided and people are still excited. Game one was great and we may have a great series on our hands. Just look at the going rates and fast sales for tickets to game 2.

What we learned about Cleveland is that the Warriors really can’t stop Lebron James if they don’t have Andre Iguodala on defense as they had for the last few Finals. Klay Thompson can play good defense on Lebron like he did last year but Iguodala has the better size match up. The Warriors are just too small without him. LeBron James did his best to put the team on his back. He had 51 points on 59.4% shooting and did everything he possibly could to keep Cleveland in the game. At one point, the Cavs even had a double digit lead.

We also learned that the Kardashian curse is still very real so it may be in Cleveland’s best interest for Tristan Thompson to get thrown out of the next game too.

Lastly, someone needs to remind J.R. Smith that the scoreboard is right over his head. The Warriors escaped regulation and Taco Bell escaped having to give free tacos to everyone in America because he didn’t pay attention during a free throw in one of the biggest games of his life. They say “the door of history turns on small hinges.” I’d replace the word “hinges” and add the “hydraulics in the sliding window of the Taco Bell drive through.”

Given that James has carried the Cavaliers all the way through the playoffs by himself, if they do manage to pull off the upset he should be the only one invited to the championship parade. The rest of the team could get VIP reserved chairs in the crowd along the parade route since they’ve basically just been watching from the stands for the entire playoffs anyway.

What we learned about Golden State is… nothing. The Warriors stayed true to the brand through the whole game. They started the game with a turnover and slipped in some of their classic bad passes and carelessness when they had a lead. As mentioned, they went down by double digits and the ended up winning the game by 10- that’s the Golden State way. They just use the last five minutes of the second and third quarters to start hitting threes from half court and then put it in autopilot.

The storyline for the Warriors, if there is a new one, is that Steph Curry can play in the  Finals. He had 29 points, nine assists and made five three-pointers– some from outrageously far back including a nice buzzer beater. Draymond Green even hit a three and when that happens, it’s pretty much over.

What I’m watching for in game 2 is if Andre Iguodala is finally cleared to play. That will give Kerr his old rotations back and mean that Cleveland will have to have people other than LeBron doing something. Needless to say, having the other Cavs players involved in a play is not a strength for Cleveland.

Additionally, I’ll be curious to see if the league takes any action against Thompson or Green for getting a little chippy last game and how the refereeing will change when those two are one-one-one.

Finally, I’m interested to see if Klay Thompson has some soreness from when J.R. Smith undercut him. Klay’s fall looked like it had the making of a bad injury but he came back and shot lights out. Now that he’ll have a few days to rest on it, could there be some soreness before game two? We’ll find out.

P.S. It was a blocking foul not a charge. Credit to the refs for reviewing it and getting it right.


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Pasadena Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

2018 Rose Bowl Tailgating Guide

There’s a reason why NCAA College Football Fans show up early to the Pasadena Rose Bowl game ballgames, and it’s not just to get the best parking spaces. Rose Bowl tailgating parties are an essential part of the game day ritual.

Tailgating gives both teams fans the opportunity to socialize, eat, energize as well as eat before they head into the Rose Bowl stadium to watch their team play in the Granddaddy of them all.

Over 100,000 fans will descend to the Pasadena Rose Bowl, this means a lot of traffic both too and from the Stadium. We highly recommend getting to the stadium as early as possible to avoid all delays, plus this will give you a chance to tailgate with your fellow fans.
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Where to sit at the Rose Bowl

Where are the best places to sit at the Pasadena Rose Bowl?

Where to sit at the Pasadena Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl in Pasadena California is not just a California Historic Civil Engineering Landmark it is also a National Historic Landmark.

The 106,869, a capacity stadium has hosted the Rose Bowl game since January 1, 1923.

Below you can find the most detailed Pasadena Rose Bowl Seating map guide to help your selection of seats for your event.
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2018 Sports Events

2018 Sports Events From the Cheapest to Most Expensive

A look at the 2018 Sports Events Calander.

Take a look at the upcoming 2018 Sports Events Calendar. With hundreds of different 2018 Sports events happening throughout the year there is something for everyone who loves sports or wants to mark something off on their bucket list.

Barry’s Tickets has broken down the average 2018 Sports Events ticket price on the secondary market from the most expensive $15,540.00 “Most exciting two minutes in sports” down to the $70.00 average ticket of America’s past time.

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Los Angeles Things to do this week

Los Angeles Things To Do March 15th – 18th 2016

Los Angeles Things To Do March 15th 18th 2016

Los Angeles Things To Do Tuesday March 15, 2016
Sacramento Kings @ Los Angeles Lakers – With just nine games to go in Kobe Bryant’s amazing NBA career there is only a few chances left to see him play.
Bruce Springsteen @ LA Sports Arena

Los Angeles Things To Do Wednesday March 16th 2016
Yanni @ Microsoft Theater

Los Angeles Things To Do Thursday March 17th 2016
New York Rangers @ Los Angeles Kings – East vs West collide in this Stanley Cup rematch.
Bruce Springsteen @ LA Sports Arena

Los Angeles Things To Do Friday March 18th 2016
Phoenix Suns @ Los Angeles Lakers – Only eight more games left this season at the Staples Center for Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.
Once @ Pantages Theater – Once begins its short run at the Pantages Theater.
Future @ Hollywood Palladium
Yanni @ Microsoft Theater

Los Angeles Things To Do Saturday March 19th 2016
Once @ Pantages Theate
Boston Bruins @ Los Angeles Kings – Always a fan favorite even in Los Angeles the Boston Bruins make their only Los Angeles appearance of the season.
San Jose Earthquakes @ LA Galaxy
Bruce Springsteen @ Los Angeles Sports Arena
Ana Gabriel @ The Forum
Invasion Del Corrido @ Microsoft Theater
New Order @ Shrine Auditorium

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LA Coliseum Seat View football

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart will show you the view of the field from different sections at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is an outdoor sports stadium located in the heart of University Park in Los Angeles California. The LA Coliseum is home to the USC Trojans and will be home to the Los Angeles Rams until 2019 while they wait for their new stadium being built in Inglewood California. The LA Coliseum seating capacity is 93,607. The LA Coliseum surface is natural grass.

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart

LA Coliseum Section 1 seating
LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 1.

Section 2 LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 2.

Section 3 view LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 3.

Section 5 seat view LA Coliseum

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 5.

Section 6 LA Coliseum seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 6.

LA Coliseum section 7 view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 7.

LA Coliseum section 10

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 10.

LA Coliseum section 11 seating

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 11.

LA Coliseum section 12 seating

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 12.

la coliseum section 13 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 13.

la coliseum section 14 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 14.

la coliseum section 15 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 15.

la coliseum section 17 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 17.

la coliseum section 22 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 22.

la coliseum section 24 seat view

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 24.

la coliseum seat view section 25

LA Coliseum Seat View Seating Chart Section 25.

LA Coliseum USC seating Chart

LA Coliseum Seat Chart USC Trojans.

The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was built in 1923 and will be undergoing major renovations making significant improvements for the USC Trojans football team as well as the Los Angeles Rams. Some of the improvements being made to the LA Coliseum are the removal of all seats in the Coliseum and replacing them with new seating as well as handrails throughout the entire stadium. Isles will be added as well as the new seats will be wider as well as increasing the legroom in many of the LA Coliseum sections. Wi-Fi technology will be added throughout the stadium. The LA Coliseum will receive two new large screens at the east end of the stadium. New concession stands will be added to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum as well as improvements to the existing concession stands.

New Premium Seating Options at the LA Coliseum.
As the renovations take place and bring the 1923 LA Memorial Coliseum to a more modern stadium there will be numerous new seating options available to fans. These new LA Coliseum seating options will include Luxury Suites, Loge Boxes as well as LA Coliseum club seats all available on the south side of the stadium.

Sub Headings

You can view all games and events going on by checking our LA Coliseum event schedule for complete listing of all sporting events an concerts. You can also checkout our special Rams Tickets promo code to save on tickets.

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Barry's Tickets Anaheim Los Angeles Winter Ticket Update

Los Angeles Winter Ticket Update

Barry’s Tickets has your Los Angeles Winter Ticket update for the Hottest Upcoming Concert, Sports and Theater events! Use our special Los Angeles Winter ticket update discount code to save on your favorite event coming to the Los Angeles and Anaheim area! Including Barry's Tickets Promo CodeSun, Nov 22 American Music Awards Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles.

Fri, Dec 4 KIIS Jingle Ball feat. One Direction, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez and 5 Seconds of Summer Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Tue, Dec 8 The Weeknd L.A. Forum, Inglewood.

Wed, Dec 9 The Weeknd L.A. Forum, Inglewood.

Fri, Dec 18 Muse Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Sat, Dec 19 Muse Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Tue, Dec 22 Motley Crue Honda Center, Anaheim.

Mon, Dec 28 Motley Crue Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Wed, Dec 30 Motley Crue Staples Center, Los Angeles.

Wed, Dec 30 Dead and Company L.A. Forum, Inglewood.

Thu, Dec 31 Dead and Company L.A. Forum, Inglewood.

Thu, Dec 31 Motley Crue Staples Center, Los Angeles.



Thu, Nov 19 Golden State Warriors at Los Angeles Clippers Staples Center.

Fri, Nov 20 Toronto Raptors at Los Angeles Lakers Staples Center.

Sun, Nov 22 Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Clippers Staples Center.

Sun, Nov 22 Portland Trail Blazers at Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers T-Shirt Giveaway) Staples Center.

Tue, Nov 24 Calgary Flames at Anaheim Ducks (J.S. Giguere Coin Giveaway) Honda Center.

Wed, Nov 25 Utah Jazz at Los Angeles Clippers Staples Center.

Fri, Nov 27 Chicago Blackhawks at Anaheim Ducks Honda Center.

Fri, Nov 27 New Orleans Pelicans at Los Angeles Clippers Staples Center.

Sat, Nov 28 Chicago Blackhawks at Los Angeles Kings (Dustin Brown Rally Towel Giveaway) Staples Center.

Sat, Dec 19 WWE Live Holiday Tour The Forum Ingelwood.

Sat, Jan 01 Rose Bowl Game Rose Bowl Pasadena CA.
(The PAC 12 Champion usually is facing off against the Big Ten Champion.)



Nov 18 – Nov 22 Beauty and the Beast Pantages Theater.

Dec 1 – Dec 06 Riverdance Pantages Theater.

Feb 17 – Mar 6 Wicked Orange County P.A.C. – Segerstrom Hall.

Mar 10 Jerry Seinfeld Arlington Theatre Santa Barbara.

Mar 22 – Apr 3 The Book Of Mormon Orange County P.A.C. – Segerstrom Hall.

May 14 – June 24 Titanic Ahmanson Theater.


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