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What to Expect at Your First NBA Game

What to Expect at Your First NBA Game

What to Expect at Your First NBA Game

Are you excited to be attending your first NBA game, but don’t know what to expect? Check out this guide to make sure you’re prepared for a great night!

More than 21 million people attended regular NBA season games during the 2015-2016 season. But many people still haven’t ever been to a game in real life!
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How much are NBA ticket prices 2018-2019 season?

How much are NBA ticket prices 2018 – 2019 season?

The average NBA ticket price is $89.00 per ticket on the secondary ticket market during the 2018 – 2019 season. Comprised average of all 30 teams NBA Ticket prices on the secondary market.

The average NBA ticket price for the 2018 – 2019 season is up 14.01% from the average ticket price of $78.00 during the 2015 – 2016 season.

NBA ticket prices on the secondary market for the 2018 – 2019 season are up 27.14% since the average ticket price of $70.00 per ticket during the 2016-2017 NBA season.

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Lakers - Clippers game Tickets Christmas Day

Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Score Deals On Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Battle For Los Angeles Christmas Day 12/25/2016

Lakers – Clippers Tickets Christmas Day 2016 are available now! It what has become an annual tradition the “Battle For Los Angeles” will once again take place on Christmas Day. Purple and Gold, as well as Red and White jerseys, will fill the Los Angeles Staples Center to watch the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Clippers battle it out in this rivalry filled game.
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LA Lakers Staples Center

Which Lakers Coach has the NBA Most Championships?

The Los Angeles Lakers have won 16 titles in their franchise history, and only four coaches are responsible for those championships. Bill Sharman is the only one with just one title as a Lakers coach. He led the 1972 Lakers to their title against the New York Knicks. Fun fact: Phil Jackson, who would later go on to coach the Lakers, played for the Knicks in the 1972 Finals.

phil jackson la lakers coachPhil Jackson, Pat Riley and John Kundla have all won five championships with the Lakers.

Kundla was the first Lakers coach, leading the team when they played in Minneapolis. John formed a great relationship with the first Lakers superstar, George Mikan, and together they brought the title to the Lakers in 1949, 50, 52, 53 and 54. As a coach, Kundla had a 60:35 (62% winning percentage) record in the playoffs. Following the success in the 50s, the Lakers had to wait till 1972 for their next title, losing to the Boston Celtics in the great 60s rivalry.

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LA Lakers Staples Center

Why dont the Lakers have a mascot?

Ever wondered why dont the Lakers have a mascot?

The Los Angeles Lakers are just one of the four teams in the NBA without a mascot. The other three teams are the Brooklyn Nets, the Golden State Warriors, and the New York Knicks. A season ago, the Los Angeles Clippers were also in that group, but in May 2016, they introduced Chuck the Condor, their new mascot. You can check out a complete list of NBA Mascots.

There are two theories why the Los Angeles Lakers don’t have a mascot. The first, a fan theory is that the Lakers do not have mascot because they have celebrities. In a way, celebrities are Lakers mascot.

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Golden State Warriors

Do you know how the Golden State Warriors got their name?

Do you know how the Golden State Warriors got their name?

Philadelphia Warriors logo

Philadelphia Warriors

To understand why the team from Golden State is called the Warriors, we first must go back in history to see where the team came from. The Warriors haven’t always played in Oakland. The team started in Philadelphia. Founded in 1946, the owner Peter A. Tyrrell wanted to give the team a name from an old basketball team. And like that, the Philadelphia Warriors were formed. The team played in Philadelphia until 1962, when Franklin Miuelli purchased the team, and moved it to the West Coast.

Before the 1962-1963 NBA season, the Warriors moved to San Francisco but kept the name Warriors. They only changed the city calling themselves the “San Francisco Warriors. The current name, Golden State Warriors, was born before the 1971-72 NBA season when the Warriors started exclusively using Oakland Arena as the home floor.

San Francisco's Warriors logo

SF Warriors logo 1962-69

The name Golden State Warriors was chosen as a way to represent the entire state of California. During the 71-72 season, the Warriors played 0 games in San Francisco, six games in San Diego, and the rest in Oakland.

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Top 5 Lakers of all time

Do you know where do the Los Angeles Lakers play home games?

Where do the Lakers play?

Where do the Lakers Play Staples Center

Staples Center

The Los Angeles Lakers play at the Staples Center. Following the 1998-1999 season, the Lakers moved from the Great Western Forum to the Los Angeles Staples Center located at 1111 South Figueroa Street Los Angeles, California, 90015 and have a capacity for 18,320 for a Lakers home game. The Staples Center complex is 950,000 square feet and was opened on October 17th, 1999 by the AEG. Although the Staples Center is the home of Lakers it also is the home of the Los Angeles Kings, Los Angeles Clippers, LA Sparks and has numerous other concerts and sporting events throughout the year.

For the move to the Staples Center, the Lakers wanted a new coach, and they got their man in Phil Jackson. It was Jackson who was finally able to deliver a championship for Shaq and Kobe, making them work together.

Even though the Lakers have won the same amount of titles in the Staples Center as in the Forum, one can make an argument for the Staples being the more successful home arena. During the years of the Staples, the Lakers won the title in the first year at the Staples Center.The Lakers managed to win three titles in a row, something that they haven’t done in the Forum.

Where did Lakers use to play?

Kobe Bryant Career Highlights Compilation – The Gold Legend

Minneapolis Armory Lakers court

Minneapolis Armory

Many people forget that the Los Angeles Lakers actually started their storied franchise history in Minneapolis. Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen were the original owners of the Lakers, buying the team in 1947. They disbanded the Detroit Gems and then started the Lakers franchise with an investment of just $15,000. Back then, the league was called National Basketball League or NBL. The name Lakers come from the nickname of the city of Minnesota, “the land of 10,000 Lakes”. Led by center George Mikan, who became the NBA’s first superstar, the Lakers won the title in the first two years in the league. It is worth noting that the first title came in the Basketball Association of America (BAA). Lakers are one of the six teams remaining from the original BAA league that merged with the NBL to form the NBA.

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Tips to save money on Los Angeles Clippers Tickets

Do you Know your Los Angeles Clippers Coaches?

How well do you know your Los Angeles Clippers Coaches?

Clippers coach Dolph Schayes

Dolph Schayes

The Los Angeles Clippers have been around since the 1970 – 71 NBA season. The Clippers were formally known as the Buffalo Braves and coached by Dolph Schayes. There have been twenty-nine Clippers Coaches since their first appearance in the NBA. While one of the most famous Los Angeles Clippers coaches is Doc Rivers are you familiar with the other twenty-eight coaches?

Jim Lynam was the head coach in the 1984-1985 season after moving to Los Angeles from San Diego where he ended his coaching career with the Clippers with weak 52-91 record in 2 seasons.

Don Chaney was the Head Coach from 1985-1987 where his record was a weak 53-132 in 3 seasons.

Don Casey was the head coach from 1988-1990 where his record was a weak 41-85 record in 2 seasons where he was the 3rd straight losing coach for the franchise since moving to Los Angeles.

Mike Shuler was the head coach from 1990-1992 where he was the 1987 Coach of the year when he was with the Portland Trail Blazers his record with the Clippers was then a disappointing 52-75 in 2 seasons where he was the 4th coach in a row to 20+ games below 500.

Bob Weiss was the head coach in the 1993-1994 season where he was fired after 1 season with a weak 27-55 record where he is now the 5th straight coach to be 20+ games below 500.

More Los Angeles Clippers Coaches.
Bill Fitch was the head coach from 1994-1998 where he was the 1976 Coach of the Year back with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the 1980 Coach of the Year with the Boston Celtics. He was also named one of the top 10 coaches of All time in 1997. He coached the Clippers to a weak 99-229 record after there 6th straight coach with 20+ games below 500.

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2016 nba playoffs teams to watch

2016 NBA Playoffs Six Teams To Watch

2016 NBA Playoffs Six Teams To Watch

With one more month until the 2016 NBA playoffs start, the race in both the East and West is as close as ever. The 8th and the 9th seed in the East are separated by half a game, with the 6th seed also only two games in front of the 9th seed. In the West, the difference between the 8th and 9th seed is only two games, making the stretch run extremely interesting. Here are six teams that should become more and more interesting as the 2016 NBA playoffs approach.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons went all in at the trade deadline, getting Tobias Harris from Orlando Magic to form a “mini Big-Three” with Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Harris. And while some people expected quick results, in reality, Detroit is playing 50% basketball since the trade. But that might be a good thing. The good news for the Pistons is they have only seven more games on the road. But the bad news is they have lots of games against direct competition, starting with two games against the Wizards, a game against Chicago, two against the Hornets, and then some against higher tier Eastern teams: 2 against Atlanta, two against Miami, and one against Cleveland. The Wizards game are crucial since Washington leads the season series 2:0, and one more win will ensure the Wizards the tiebreaker. Detroit Pistons tickets for the 2016 NBA playoffs games start at just $35.00 per ticket.

Washington Wizards

Speaking of the Wizards, they are 2 and a half games outside of the playoff picture, but they can make up ground by beating the Pistons. Detroit is not in the playoffs, but they are just half a game behind Chicago for the 8th spot. The biggest challenge for the Wizards will be the Atlanta Hawks, as they have three more games against the 5th best team in the East at the moment. The good news, however, is they have several games against bottom feeders left: 2 against the Nets, one versus Phoenix, one versus Lakers, one versus Knicks, and one versus Sixers. Get Washington Wizards tickets for their 2016 NBA playoff games today.

Chicago Bulls

The Bulls got Jimmy Butler back, but it might be too late. Sitting at the 8th spot, with just half a game lead is not something that Chicago envisioned at any point during the season. The Bulls were supposed to fight with Cleveland for East supremacy, but that hasn’t happened yet. And it doesn’t get easier down the road with only eight home games left. Opponent-wise, the Bulls have one more game against the Cavs, one against the Raptors, two versus the Heat, one with the Pistons, one with Indiana, one with San Antonio and one with Washington. The silver lining is that the Bulls will decide their fate, with games against direct opponents like Washington, Indiana, and Detroit. Chicago Bulls schedule for their 2016 NBA Playoffs games at the United Center start at just $85.00 per ticket.

Portland Trail Blazers

Let’s start with the good news. The Blazers are currently at the 6th spot in the West, despite losing every player of their starting lineup from last season not named Damian Lillard. They have no chance of getting the 5th spot, but staying at 6 is a very plausible scenario. Now, for the bad news. Take a look at their schedule: 2 more versus Golden State, two more versus OKC, one versus San Antonio, one versus Clippers. That is six games against the top 4 teams in the West. And to top it that, they have two more games against Dallas, a team that is just half a game behind them in the standings. The Blazers will likely make the playoffs, but staying at 6th spot gives them a chance against an OKC team that doesn’t look as scary as the Warriors and Spurs. Portland Trail Blazers tickets for the 2016 NBA Playoffs begin at just $25.00 per ticket.

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LA Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising After Kobe Bryant

Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising Since Kobe Bryant Announcement Retirement

Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising After Kobe Bryant Announcement Retirement.

When Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant announced he would be retiring after twenty years in the NBA it caused a huge spike in not on Los Angeles Lakers game ticket prices it caused of fury of higher NBA ticket prices across the league. The last game of the Lakers 2015-2016 regular season will feature the Lakers and Utah Jazz at the Staples Center on Wednesday April 13th at 7:30pm. Before Kobe Bryant announced his retirement there was speculation that his might be his last season with the Lakers as well as the NBA and the median listing price of a ticket for the April 13th game was $350.00. Since the announcement the median ticket price as climbed to $1325.00 per ticket an increase of 278.57%. Before the announcement of Kobe Bryant retirement the get-in-price (also known as the cheapest ticket) went from a prior announcement price of $115 to a post announcement of $571 to a current price of $825 per ticket. An increase of 617% in Lakers ticket game prices to get in the door.

The Oklahoma City Thunder will be the last road game during the Los Angeles Lakers 2015-2016 season. The median ticket prices for the Thunder versus the Lakers on April 11th prior to Kobe Bryant announcing this retirement was $195 per ticket and spiked up to $422 per ticket a 245% increase. Teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks saw a an median increase of almost 97% raise in Bucks versus Lakers ticket prices for their final meeting.

Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising After Kobe Bryant Announcement Retirement

LA Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising After Kobe Bryant Announcement Retirement

Lakers Ticket Prices Keep Raising After Kobe Bryant Announcement Retirement and with avialbity of tickets it looks like there is no ceiling in Los Angeles and the prices to see Kobe Bryant in Purple and Gold one last night.

Lakers Tickets discount code

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Cheap Lakers TicketsAlthough Lakers tickets prices keep rising there is still a chance to see Kobe Bryant play at least one more time before he retires. One of the best ways to get cheap Lakers tickets is to purchase tickets on the day of the game. Even waiting till close to or after tip off. Tickets are a commodity and after the game they are just pieces of paper so depending on availability this might be the best way to get cheap Lakers tickets. You can start checking around online that day. While you will see hundreds of sites all selling Lakers games your best bet is to look for ticket agencies located in the Los Angeles area as they will have physical stock of tickets. The majority of online brokers share a ticket feed. You can also check craigslist or ebay as well, because once the game begins the tickets can be worthless so people may want to sell just to get out of them.

Although Lakers ticket prices Keep raising Another way to get cheap Lakers tickets is to walk into Barry’s Tickets downtown office located caddy-corner from the Staples Center. Barry’s Tickets continuously buys Lakers tickets throughout the day and even up until or after the game starts. So if you’re a diehard Kobe Bryant fan and want to see him play one more time or as many times as possible before he retires checking into our Barry’s Tickets downtown office in person even after tip-off is a great chance to get cheap Lakers tickets. You can even call our downtown office at (866)708-8499

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