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Which categories does the great Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers?

Which Categories Kobe Leads the Lakers in?

Kobe Bryant is arguably the greatest Lakers player ever. The only ones that can come close are Jerry West, Magic Johnson, and Kareem-Abdul Jabbar. Magic and Kareem have the same amount of rings with the Lakers as Kobe, five, and West has only one.

Jerry West has the flair of being the NBA’s logo, and one of the best players in the history of the sport. Kareem is widely considered top 10 players, and Magic is the one that made ShowTime possible.

But none of them gave the Lakers as much as Kobe. Bryant played 20 seasons in the NBA, all wearing the purple and gold. Magic Johnson played only 13 seasons in the league (all for the Lakers).

Jerry West lasted 14 seasons, and Kareem played 14 seasons with the Lakers. Abdul-Jabbar played 20 seasons in the NBA, but only 14 as a Laker.

To fully appreciate Kobe Bryant’s greatness and his contributions as a Laker, one only needs to check the statistical categories that he leads the Lakers with.

Kobe Bryant Top 50 Plays on NBA Superstars.

Kobe Bryant Stats with the Los Angles Lakers

He has played the most games wearing the purple and gold, which is understandable, given that he played the most seasons as a Laker. Kobe appeared in 1346 games, much more than Kareem, who is second all-time with 1073, followed by Jerry West with 932.

Kobe has also played the most minutes as a Laker, 48637, or more than 10,000 than the second best, Kareem. The big man played a total of 37492 minutes in a purple and gold uniform, and West played a total of 36571 minutes.

Magic Johnson is fifth on that list with 33245 minutes. The most Kobe has played in a single season is 3401, during the 2002-2003 campaign. Kareem has played 3583 minutes in a season, but he was wearing the Bucks uniform then.

The most Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played as a Los Angeles Laker is 3379 minutes, which happened in his first season for the Los Angeles, 1975-76.

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant Top 100 One on One Plays

Kobe Bryant Shooting

Moving onto field goal attempts, Kobe has the most attempts in Lakers history, 26,200 and the most made field goals, 11,719. The second on the list with most attempts is Elgin Baylor with 20171.

The second on the list with most made field goals is Kareem with 9935. It is worth noting that Kobe is also the all-time leader in missed field goals for the Lakers with 14481 missed shots.

But he also leads the franchise in most 3-pt attempts, most made 3-pts, most 2-pts attempts, and most free throw attempts.

Kobe Bryant its all about the numbers

Now, onto the statistical categories like points, rebounds, steals, and assists. Kobe is the all-time leader in points with 33643, or more than 7,000 than the second best, West with 25192.

Kareem is the all-time leader in points in the league history, but as a Laker, he has scored only 24176. Kobe leads the Lakers in steals, 1944, but also in turnovers at 4010.

The second on the list of steals is Magic with 1724, and the point guard is also second in turnovers at 3506. Kobe also trails Magic Johnson for the most assists in franchise history.

But the stat that matters the most is win shares, and Kobe has brought the most wins to the franchise. He is the all-time leader in win shares at 172.7. The second player on that list is Jerry West with 162.6.

Bryant is also second on the list for offensive win shares (trailing West) and defensive win shares (trailing Kareem). From all those stats, you can see why Kobe Bryant is widely regarded the best Lakers player ever.

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