Best place to sit for LA Lakers game staples center

Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?

Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?

Lakers Courtside Seats or behind the bench?

There are numerous factors as to what makes a location the “best seat” to sit for a Lakers game.

Is money no object?
Going to hobnob with celebrities?
Looking to impress a potential business client or romantic interest?
A basketball purist who wants to see all the action on the court?
So, Where are the best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game?

Nine out of ten fans will fire the answer of they would like to sit Courtside at a Lakers game or right behind the player’s bench, but while it indeed is a fantastic experience that should be on fan’s bucket list, there is a drawback.

Courtside best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game.

Lakers Courtside Tickets Price

Sitting courtside for a Lakers game can come at a hefty price, no matter if they are winning or losing during the season.

Lakers courtside tickets can average from $5000.00 to upwards of $25,250.00 per ticket depending on who they are playing.

Lakers Sections 119 & 102 behind the bench


Staples Center Section 119 Row 3 Lakers View From Your Seat

While yes, seats right behind the Lakers bench or opponents bench offer a unique perspective of sounds during the game that you just can’t experience in any other section.

The chief hindrance is the average NBA player is currently 6’7” (Manute Bol came in at 7’7”), even the coaches are tall.

This equates to there being a good chance of missing critical moments of the game trying to look around or through NBA players and coaches.

Ticket prices to sit in section 119 behind the Lakers bench average game tend to run from $550.00 to $3500.00.

A better choice might be floor sections 110 – 112.

These seats are just as deliriously close to the NBA action like 112 & 110 are but at a fraction of the price and without a stiff neck in the morning.

LA Lakers section 112 staples center

Staples Center Section 112 is directly in front of the Lakers bench, and there are numerous Hollywood A-listers around you (if that is what you are into).

Staples Center Section 112 row 5 View From Your Seat.

Ticket prices to sit in sections 110 and 112 for a Lakers game average between $350.00 to $3000.00 each.

Something different but still VIP feeling.

If regular seats at Lakers game are too loud for a double date or wanting to close a deal with clients, and you have no need or desire to spend for an 8 – 12 person Luxury Suite, check out the San Manuel Club Premier Tables and Lounges.

Best seats for a Los Angeles Lakers game San Manuel Club?

Premier Tables are semi-private spacious “living room style” both in a first-class environment.

Most likely your guests have never experienced a Lakers basketball game like this. Club Premier Tables also each come with a tv at each table.

Premier Lounges at the San Manuel Club offers four guests a contemporary and stylish surroundings as well as a personal tv for you and your guests to watch all the action.
san Manuel club tables premiere level staples center
With upscale dining options, packed buffet tables, full bar, and access to outdoor terrace San Manuel Club Tables and Premier Lounges will make a lasting memory for your guests long after the game is over.

Courtsides behind the baskets.

Section 106, 107, 115 and 116 are behind the baskets, but by sitting courtside in any one of these sections, you spend more time being closer to all both teams players than you do in middle courtside seats.

Behind the basket courtside seats although they are still expensive are a much cheaper option then center ones.

Corner Sections 205, 210, 214, 219.

If you are looking for great Lakers seats, but are on a budget, you might want to check out corner sections (205 – 210 – 214 – 219) on the Staples Center club level. The corners offer great site-lines of the entire basketball court.

Section 205 staples center lakers game

The best corner seats are an average of 38% less the corner Premiere Level seats.

The best seats in the 300 Level for a Lakers game

Sections 318 & 301 are at center court and are considered to be the best locations in the 300 level for watching the game.
Lakers section 318 view from seats
Depending on your budget, if you only see higher rows in 301 & 318, try looking a section or two over. The view is the same, and you would be lower down.

If you are looking for somewhere to eat before the Lakers game, LALive across from the Staples Center has something for everyone.

Katsuya, Lawry’s Carvery, Rosa Mexicano and much more. You can even bowl at Lucky Stike if your night is still young.


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