Best Seats at Dodger Stadium

Bleachers or Boxes: What Are the Best Seats at Dodger Stadium?

Baseball isn’t just America’s favorite past time, but a ballpark is a place where memories are made. Whether you go with your kids, your spouse, or a group of friends, you always want to find seats that fit in your budget while also giving you the best view of the field.

Dodger Stadium is a place full of history, opening in 1962 and home to the likes of names like Sandy Koufax and Clayton Kershaw. This place has no shortage of memories.

So when you find yourself at one of the most iconic baseball stadiums, make sure you have the best seats at Dodger Stadium to enable you to create equally as iconic memories.

Baseball with a View

Dodger Stadium is known to have one of the most ideal locations and views in all of baseball. Sitting within an area called Chavez Ravine with a seating capacity of 56,000 which is the most any stadium in Major League Baseball holds.

While the view is picturesque if you don’t plan out your trip wisely, you could find yourself leaving Dodger Stadium with a win, but also a wicked sunburn. Being as it’s in Los Angeles, the likelihood of a hot summer day is high and even with the protection of sunscreen, no one enjoys direct sunlight for 3 hours.

Also, consider your price range when determining where you would like to sit. Are you someone who wants to be up close and personal with the field and players or do you prefer to get a view of the entirety of the field? These personal preferences, plus budget, will help you decide where your dream seats are at Dodger Stadium.

Day of Ticket Buying

Maybe you’re a baseball fan, but not enough to buy tickets ahead. While Dodger Stadium is one of the more popular and well-selling ballparks, you’ll most likely be able to snag tickets on the day of a game.

Before you choose to do this, make sure you aren’t showing up to opening day or one of the more loved giveaway nights as tickets could be scarce and you could end up paying a pretty penny to attend. Plus this will make it very difficult to pick the seat of your choice.

Seating Setup

Dodger Stadium seats are set up by color to make it easier to choose and purchase tickets. 

Purple is your Dugout Club seating, the most expensive choice at this stadium. This area offers the choice of buffet eating, while also getting you right in on the action, making you feel like you’re on the field. Purple also includes Baseline Club seating which is on the ground level, right next to the dugout.

Yellow area seating encompasses all the Field Level seats. This area offers a great view of the field, including the seating behind home plate and runs all the way to both the right and left field walls.

Orange seating is the go-to if you’re hoping to be a hero and catch a foul ball. It offers amazing views of the field and, in the case of Dodger Stadium, a view of Chavez Ravine. You’ll find yourself on the second level and paying significantly less than seats in the yellow section.

The Teal level seating that offers affordable tickets, as well as amazing views of the stadium. These seats run all the way to the edge of the field on the right and left-hand side. This is a great option for those who are looking to save money but still get the full baseball experience.

Blue or “Top Deck” seats is what’s known as the nose bleed section. While you won’t be getting a close-up view of your favorite player, you will get a spectacular view of Dodger Stadium as well as the Los Angeles skyline.

Last but not least, the Red/Blue section of the stadium is the most sought after seats in the house, especially for those diehard Dodger fans. Dubbed the “Centerfield Experience“, this is your opportunity to get up and close and personal with the players and maybe even catch a foul ball.

Fun in the Sun… and Shade

Dodger Stadium is no stranger to an excess of the sun, especially in the summer months. In the hottest summer months, there aren’t many ways to escape from the sun and I’m sure you don’t want to wait until September to catch a game. So how do you choose seats that give you a great view without the sunburn?

Dodger Stadium has some surprising and fun features when it comes to finding shade. There are quite a few roofs, fans can take advantage of to shade them from the sun during the warm summer days. Another feature is the well-known pavilion roof standing over the bleachers in left field, which provides quite a bit more protection as well.

Getting the Best Seats at Dodger Stadium Without the Stress

Dodger Stadium is surrounded by stunning views and the inside of the stadium isn’t bad either. To ensure that you have the best time possible time next time you find yourself on the inside of this historic ballpark, do your research beforehand and find the best seats at Dodger Stadium.

Have a guest in town visiting and want to give them the best Dodger Stadium experience? Check out this great article that maps our the best seats for your guests.

Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or want to make sure you aren’t sweating it out, there’s always a seat for you!

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